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General Troubleshooting

Article Title Views
AMD Auto Updater Troubleshooting 90631
Antivirus software reports Steam games are malicious 603255
Could not initialize installation. File size expected, size returned 71526
Disabling Background Applications 1179735
Game Stats and Achievements in Steam 199801
How do I disable Compatibility Mode? 524444
In-Home Streaming 980858
Installed games are appearing as uninstalled 87813
Installing Flash to work with Steam's WebKit 130051
Launching Steam Changes My Resolution to 640x480 36666
Links and purchase buttons in Steam do nothing when clicked 45547
Minidumps 31698
Missing mouse cursor or pointer in-game 69943
Missing or scrambled text in Steam menus 134490
Moving a Steam Installation and Games 3052234
Nothing appears on the Storefront page 60257
NVIDIA Shield 5287
Playtime is not showing the correct number of hours 8853
Programs Which May Interfere with Steam 4968572
Razer Hydra technical issues 7449
Spyware, Malware, Adware, or Viruses Interfering with Steam 739877
Steam Broadcasting: Audio not being recorded 14884
Steam crashes during update 193268
Steam fails to start 698928
Steam installs updates to the wrong folder 44107
Steam menus are corrupted or distorted 47025
Steam uses 50% of the CPU time on Dual Core systems 83435
Unable to log in to Steam using a web browser (Chrome, Opera, FireFox, IE) 54648
Unable to view My media content and game trailers 30983
Uninstalling Games does not Remove them from Windows Add/Remove Programs Menu. 125026
Windows Vista, 7 and 8 Troubleshooting 2555256