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Supported Controller Database

Supported Controller Database

Want to know if your controller is supported, check the definitive list below:

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Name Type Vid Pid
GPD Win 2 X-Box ControllerXbox3600x00790x18d4
Thrustmaster Gamepad GP XIDXbox3600x044f0xb326
Microsoft X-Box 360 padXbox3600x045e0x028e
Microsoft X-Box 360 pad v2Xbox3600x045e0x028f
Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver (XBOX)Xbox3600x045e0x0291
Microsoft X-Box 360 Big Button IRXbox3600x045e0x02a0
Microsoft X-Box 360 padXbox3600x045e0x02a1
Microsoft X-Box One padXboxOne0x045e0x02dd
Microsoft X-Box One pad (Firmware 2015)XboxOne0x044f0xb326
Microsoft X-Box One S pad (Bluetooth)XboxOne0x045e0x02e0
Microsoft X-Box One Elite padXboxOne0x045e0x02e3
Microsoft X-Box One S padXboxOne0x045e0x02ea
Microsoft X-Box One S pad (Bluetooth)XboxOne0x045e0x02fd
Microsoft X-Box One Elite padXboxOne0x045e0x02ff
Xbox 360 Wireless ReceiverXbox3600x045e0x0719
Logitech Gamepad F310Xbox3600x046d0xc21d
Logitech Gamepad F510Xbox3600x046d0xc21e
Logitech Gamepad F710Xbox3600x046d0xc21f
Logitech Chillstream ControllerXbox3600x046d0xc242
HORI Pad SwitchSwitch0x0f0d0x00c1
HORI Pokken Tournament DX Pro PadSwitch0x0f0d0x0092
HORI Wireless Switch PadSwitch0x0f0d0x00f6
HORI Battle PadSwitch0x0f0d0x00dc
PowerA Wired Controller Plus/PowerA Wired Gamcube ControllerSwitch0x20d60xa711
PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro for Nintendo SwitchSwitch0x0e6f0x0185
PDP Faceoff Wired Pro Controller for Nintendo SwitchSwitch0x0e6f0x0180
PDP Faceoff Deluxe Wired Pro Controller for Nintendo SwitchSwitch0x0e6f0x0181
Sony PS3 ControllerPS30x054c0x0268
Sony PS3 ControllerPS30x09250x0005
Sony PS3 ControllerPS30x88880x0308
Afterglow PS3PS30x1a340x0836
HORI horipad4 PS3PS30x0f0d0x006e
HORI horipad4 PS4PS30x0f0d0x0066
HORI Fighting commander PS3PS30x0f0d0x005f
HORI Fighting commander PS4PS30x0f0d0x005e
Madcats Fightpad Pro PS4PS30x07380x8250
Venom Arcade StickPS30x00790x181a
PC Twin Shock ControllerPS30x00790x0006
Digiflip GP006PS30x25630x0523
ShanWan PS3PS30x20bc0x5500
Firestorm Dual Analog 3PS30x044f0xb315
Horipad 3PS30x0f0d0x004d
HORI BDA GP1PS30x0f0d0x0009
Green AsiaPS30x0e8f0x0008
Real Arcade Pro 4PS30x0f0d0x006a
Rock Candy PS4PS30x0e6f0x011e
Afterglow PS3PS30x0e6f0x0214
Madcatz Fightstick ProPS30x07380x8838
Afterglow PS3PS30x1a340x0836
Quanba Q1 fight stickPS30x0f300x1100
HORI fighting mini stickPS30x0f0d0x0087
BTP 2163PS30x83800x0003
PS2 ACME GA-D5PS30x13450x1000
SpeedLink Strike FXPS30x0e8f0x3075
Rock Candy PS3PS30x0e6f0x0128
Quanba DronePS30x2c220x2000
Cyborg V3PS30x06a30xf622
Thrustmaster wireless 3-1PS30x044f0xd007
Gioteck vx2PS30x25f00x83c3
Power A PS3PS30x20d60x576d
PDP Afterglow Wireless PS3 controllerPS30x0e6f0x1314
Mad Catz Alpha PS3 modePS30x07380x3180
Mad Catz Alpha PS4 modePS30x07380x8180
Victrix Pro FSPS30x0e6f0x0203
Sony PS4 ControllerPS40x054c0x05c4
Sony PS4 Slim ControllerPS40x054c0x09cc
Sony PS4 Controller (Wireless dongle)PS40x054c0x0ba0
HORI Real Arcade Pro 4PS40x0f0d0x008a
HORIPAD 4 FPSPS40x0f0d0x0055
HORIPAD 4 FPS PlusPS40x0f0d0x0066
HORIPAD 4 FPS PlusPS40x07380x8384
Mad Catz FightPad Pro PS4PS40x07380x8250
Mad Catz Fightstick TE S+PS40x07380x8384
Armor Armor 3 Pad PS4PS40x0C120x0E10
EMIO PS4 Elite ControllerPS40x0C120x1CF6
Razer Raiju PS4 ControllerPS40x15320x1000
Razer Panthera PS4 ControllerPS40x15320X0401
STRIKEPAD PS4 Grip Add-on PS40x054c 0x05c5
Nacon Revolution Pro Controller PS40x146b 0x0d01
Nacon Revolution Pro Controller V2 PS40x146b0x0d02
HORI TAC4 PS40x0f0d 0x00a0
HORI TAC PRO PS40x0f0d 0x009c
Hitbox Arcade Stick PS40x0c12 0x0ef6
Venom Arcade Stick PS40x0079 0x181b
Mad Catz FightPad PRO PS40x0738 0x3250
HORI mini wired gamepad PS40x0f0d 0x00ee
Mad Catz FightStick TE 2+ PS4 PS40x0738 0x8481
Mad Catz FightStick TE 2 PS40x0738 0x8480
Armor 3, Level Up Cobra PS40x7545 0x0104
Razer Raiju 2 Tournament Edition (USB) PS40x1532 0x1007
Razer Raiju 2 Tournament Edition (BT) PS40x1532 0x100A
Razer Raiju 2 Ultimate Edition (USB) PS40x1532 0x1004
Razer Raiju 2 Ultimate Edition (BT) PS40x1532 0x1009
Razer Panthera Evo Fightstick PS40x1532 0x1008
Astro C40 PS40x9886 0x0025
Game:Pad 4 PS40x0c12 0x0e15
PS4 Fun Controller PS40x4001 0x0104
Elecom JC-U3613MXbox3600x056e0x2004
Saitek P3600Xbox3600x06a30xf51a
Mad Catz Wired Xbox 360 ControllerXbox3600x07380x4716
Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightStick SEXbox3600x07380x4718
Mad Catz Xbox 360 ControllerXbox3600x07380x4726
Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPadXbox3600x07380x4728
Mad Catz MicroCon GamepadXbox3600x07380x4736
Mad Catz Wired Xbox 360 Controller (SFIV)Xbox3600x07380x4738
Mad Catz Beat PadXbox3600x07380x4740
Mad Catz FightStick TE 2XboxOne0x07380x4a01
Mad Catz Xbox controller - MW2Xbox3600x07380xb726
Mad Catz JOYTECH NEO SE Advanced GamePadXbox3600x07380xbeef
Saitek Cyborg Rumble Pad - PC/Xbox 360Xbox3600x07380xcb02
Saitek P3200 Rumble Pad - PC/Xbox 360Xbox3600x07380xcb03
Super SFIV FightStick TE SXbox3600x07380xf738
HSM3 Xbox360 dancepadXbox3600x0e6f0x0105
Afterglow AX.1 Gamepad for Xbox 360Xbox3600x0e6f0x0113
Rock Candy Gamepad Wired ControllerXbox3600x0e6f0x011f
Xbox 360 Wired ControllerXbox3600x0e6f0x0133
Afterglow Prismatic Wired ControllerXboxOne0x0e6f0x0139
PDP Xbox One ControllerXboxOne0x0e6f0x013a
Rock Candy Wired Controller for Xbox OneXboxOne0x0e6f0x0146
PDP Marvel Xbox One ControllerXboxOne0x0e6f0x0147
PDP Xbox One Arcade StickXboxOne0x0e6f0x015c
PDP Xbox One ControllerXboxOne0x0e6f0x0161
PDP Xbox One ControllerXboxOne0x0e6f0x0162
PDP Xbox One ControllerXboxOne0x0e6f0x0163
PDP Battlefield OneXboxOne0x0e6f0x0164
PDP Titanfall 2XboxOne0x0e6f0x0165
Pelican PL-3601 'TSZ' Wired Xbox 360 ControllerXbox3600x0e6f0x0201
Afterglow Gamepad for Xbox 360Xbox3600x0e6f0x0213
Rock Candy Gamepad for Xbox 360Xbox3600x0e6f0x021f
Rock Candy Gamepad for Xbox One 2015XboxOne0x0e6f0x0246
Logic3 ControllerXbox3600x0e6f0x0301
Rock Candy Gamepad for Xbox One 2016XboxOne0x0e6f0x0346
Logic3 ControllerXbox3600x0e6f0x0401
Afterglow AX.1 Gamepad for Xbox 360Xbox3600x0e6f0x0413
PDP Xbox 360 ControllerXbox3600x0e6f0x0501
PDP Afterglow AX.1Xbox3600x0e6f0xf900
Hori Co. DOA4 FightStickXbox3600x0f0d0x000a
Hori PadEX TurboXbox3600x0f0d0x000c
Hori Fighting Stick EX2Xbox3600x0f0d0x000d
Hori Real Arcade Pro.EXXbox3600x0f0d0x0016
Hori Real Arcade Pro VXXbox3600x0f0d0x001b
Hori Real Arcade Pro Hayabusa (USA) Xbox OneXboxOne0x0f0d0x0063
HORIPAD ONEXboxOne0x0f0d0x0067
Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai Xbox OneXboxOne0x0f0d0x0078
Nacon GC-100XFXbox3600x11c90x55f0
Honey Bee Xbox360 dancepadXbox3600x12ab0x0004
PDP AFTERGLOW AX.1Xbox3600x12ab0x0301
Mortal Kombat Klassic FightStickXbox3600x12ab0x0303
RedOctane Guitar Hero X-plorerXbox3600x14300x4748
RedOctane ControllerXbox3600x14300xf801
BigBen Interactive XBOX 360 ControllerXbox3600x146b0x0601
Razer SabertoothXbox3600x15320x0037
Razer Atrox Arcade StickXboxOne0x15320x0a00
Razer WildcatXboxOne0x15320x0a03
Power A Mini Pro EliteXbox3600x15e40x3f00
Xbox Airflo wired controllerXbox3600x15e40x3f0a
Batarang Xbox 360 controllerXbox3600x15e40x3f10
Joytech Neo-Se Take2Xbox3600x162e0xbeef
Razer Onza Tournament EditionXbox3600x16890xfd00
Razer Onza Classic EditionXbox3600x16890xfd01
Razer SabertoothXbox3600x16890xfe00
Harmonix Rock Band GuitarXbox3600x1bad0x0002
Harmonix Rock Band DrumkitXbox3600x1bad0x0003
Mad Catz Xbox 360 ControllerXbox3600x1bad0xf016
Mad Catz Street Fighter IV SE Fighting StickXbox3600x1bad0xf018
Mad Catz Brawlstick for Xbox 360Xbox3600x1bad0xf019
Mad Cats Ghost Recon FS GamePadXbox3600x1bad0xf021
MLG Pro Circuit Controller (Xbox)Xbox3600x1bad0xf023
Mad Catz Call Of DutyXbox3600x1bad0xf025
Mad Catz FPS ProXbox3600x1bad0xf027
Street Fighter IV FightPadXbox3600x1bad0xf028
Mad Catz FightpadXbox3600x1bad0xf02e
Mad Catz MicroCon GamePad ProXbox3600x1bad0xf036
Street Fighter IV FightStick TEXbox3600x1bad0xf038
Mad Catz MvC2 TEXbox3600x1bad0xf039
Mad Catz SFxT Fightstick ProXbox3600x1bad0xf03a
Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick TE - Chun LiXbox3600x1bad0xf03d
Mad Catz MLG FightStick TEXbox3600x1bad0xf03e
Mad Catz FightStick SoulCaliberXbox3600x1bad0xf03f
Mad Catz FightStick TES+Xbox3600x1bad0xf042
Mad Catz FightStick TE2Xbox3600x1bad0xf080
HoriPad EX2 TurboXbox3600x1bad0xf501
Hori Real Arcade Pro.VX SAXbox3600x1bad0xf502
Hori Fighting Stick VXXbox3600x1bad0xf503
Hori Real Arcade Pro. EXXbox3600x1bad0xf504
Hori Fighting Stick EX2BXbox3600x1bad0xf505
Hori Real Arcade Pro.EX Premium VLXXbox3600x1bad0xf506
Harmonix Xbox 360 ControllerXbox3600x1bad0xf900
Gamestop Xbox 360 ControllerXbox3600x1bad0xf901
Tron Xbox 360 controllerXbox3600x1bad0xf903
PDP Versus Fighting PadXbox3600x1bad0xf904
MortalKombat FightStickXbox3600x1bad0xf906
MadCatz GamePadXbox3600x1bad0xfa01
Razer Onza TEXbox3600x1bad0xfd00
Razer OnzaXbox3600x1bad0xfd01
Razer Atrox Arcade StickXbox3600x24c60x5000
PowerA MINI PROEX ControllerXbox3600x24c60x5300
Xbox Airflo wired controllerXbox3600x24c60x5303
Xbox 360 Pro EX ControllerXbox3600x24c60x530a
PowerA Pro ExXbox3600x24c60x531a
FUS1ON Tournament ControllerXbox3600x24c60x5397
PowerA Xbox One Mini Wired ControllerXboxOne0x24c60x541a
Xbox ONE spectraXboxOne0x24c60x542a
PowerA Xbox One wired controllerXboxOne0x24c60x543a
Hori XBOX 360 EX 2 with TurboXbox3600x24c60x5500
Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SAXbox3600x24c60x5501
Hori Fighting Stick VX AltXbox3600x24c60x5502
Hori Fighting EdgeXbox3600x24c60x5503
Hori SOULCALIBUR V StickXbox3600x24c60x5506
Hori GEM Xbox controllerXbox3600x24c60x550d
Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai 360Xbox3600x24c60x550e
PowerA FUSION Pro ControllerXboxOne0x24c60x551a
PowerA FUSION ControllerXboxOne0x24c60x561a
Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing WheelXbox3600x24c60x5b03
Razer SabertoothXbox3600x24c60x5d04
Rock Candy Gamepad for Xbox 360Xbox3600x24c60xfafe

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