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Valve Index Reservations

Index Reservations

Valve Index Reservations

Why reservations?

We have a limited quantity of Valve Index hardware available for launch, but we’re making more and want to make kits and component devices available to customers in the fairest way possible.

How do reservations work?

Once our initial quantity of products is sold out, we will make reservations available. These will be granted in the order received – the earlier you reserve, the earlier you will be invited to purchase available stock. Once you’ve reserved an item, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details. When the item you’ve reserved becomes available, we will send you an email inviting you to purchase. You can only complete the purchase through your Steam account, and you'll have seven days to do so. Your reservation will expire after this time.

Does it cost anything to reserve?

No down payment is required to make a reservation. Payment information will only be requested when you are invited to purchase.

When will I get charged for my Valve Index order?

If you pre-ordered a Valve Index product while it was in stock, you were charged immediately upon pre-ordering. If the product is out of stock and you reserve the product, you will be charged at a later time, closer to shipping.

Can I reserve more than one item?

Only one individual product or bundle may be reserved per customer. Multiple reservations by the same customer will not be honored. You can reserve a full kit, a Headset and Controller combo, or any individual product.

When will I get my reserved item?

Your reserved item will become available for purchase on or before the estimated date included in your confirmation email. Once purchased, you can expect to receive your item at our standard shipping rate within 4-8 business days.

What if I change my mind? Can I reserve a different item?

Yes, but doing so will replace your prior reservation. This means you may receive your invitation to purchase at a later time. Any new reservation will be confirmed via email.

Can I give my spot to someone else?

No. Reservations are associated with your Steam account and cannot be transferred.

Do I have to buy my reserved item?

No. There is no commitment to complete your purchase for a reserved item and you may cancel your reservation at any time. Please note that canceled reservations cannot be reinstated.

The product I want is out of stock, but some people have just been invited to pre-order it for launch, what gives?

When we started our pre-order, we failed to complete a number of customers’ transactions because our system mistakenly identified them as potentially fraudulent. We have identified these customers and have emailed them a special invitation to pre-order initial stock, reserved just for them.

If you experienced difficulty purchasing Valve Index but have not received an email message from our Support team, we encourage you to reserve your Valve Index now. Our queue is first come, first served, and there is no commitment to buy.

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