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How do I dispute a forum ban?

I've been banned

To dispute a ban,

  1. Navigate to your Community Moderation Messages
  2. Click on the thread that corresponds to the ban you wish to dispute
  3. Reply to the thread with your questions, comments, or feedback regarding the ban

There is no need to contact Steam Support to dispute bans. If there is a concern over moderator abuse, please report the offending person's profile.

About The Moderators

Who are Moderators?
Steam Community Moderators are members of the community chosen by Valve to help keep Game Hubs and Discussions productive and positive. They are also responsible for moderating various content within the community, such as the Workshop, Screenshots, Artwork, Videos, Guides, and Greenlight in addition to new features as they are added.

There are a few types of Discussion and Game Hub Moderators, with differing levels of power. This list includes Community Moderators and Valve Employees.

Valve Employees  
Designated by green font and a Valve logo next to their name. Overlay may display "Valve Employee" badge. They have full control.

Volunteer Steam Moderators  
Designated by an orange name with a star. They oversee all Game Hubs and Community features. Overlay may display "Steam Community Moderator" badge. Can ban users, close/delete posts and topics, workshop items and screenshots.

All game developers have the ability to moderate their own Game Hub, with most moderator abilities from above. They cannot permanently delete or edit users topics. Overlay may display "Steamworks Developer" badge.

Third Party Moderator  
Designated by an orange name without a star. Elected by a developer to that specific Game Hub. Same power as Volunteer moderators (for that Game Hub, only). They cannot permanently delete or edit users topics.

Third Party Officer  
Designated by a yellow name. Elected by a developer to that specific Game Hub.


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