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Third-Party Game Support

When is it appropriate to contact Steam Support about a third party game?


Please have your Steam account username and the exact error message (or a detailed description of what happens when you encounter unexpected behavior) ready when contacting Steam Support.


Games Developed by Valve Software

Please contact Steam Support directly if you encounter any difficulty with:

  • Any game developed by Valve - including Blue Shift and Opposing Force. (Valve will appear in the Developer column for the game on the Library tab)
  • Connecting to Steam or otherwise using a Steam account
  • The process of purchasing a game through Steam, such as payment issues
  • Registering a retail CD Key for a game on Steam
  • Any errors which prevent the game from starting and appear in a Steam dialog box
  • Any "Authentication" or "CD Key" related errors which appear after loading the game (These issues may be caused by a third party program or server and Steam Support may refer you to the correct support team) 


Games Developed and Supported by Third-party Developers/Publishers

You will need to contact the game's developer/publisher directly for support if you encounter any errors or unexpected behavior which is not related to Steam authentication or CD Keys after the game has loaded. If you are unable to locate third-party support, please contact Steam Support for further information. Some examples include:

  • Game crashes or errors after the game has been launched (that do not appear in a Steam dialog box)
  • Not being able to connect to multiplayer servers
  • Game bugs
  • Gameplay and/or controller questions
  • Third-party DRM and activation limits

Sending your support request to Steam Support rather than the correct provider may result in a delay in processing your request. Please make sure that your question is only sent to Valve if it does not fall into the criteria listed above.


Viewing Downloadable Content for Third Party games

Certain games on Steam have additional DLC that can be purchased and installed.  To view the additional content that is registered to your Steam account, please do the following:

  • Log in to Steam
  • Navigate to your Library 
  • Right-click on the game that has DLC.
  • Select "View downloadable content".


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