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Touch Controls in the Steam Link App

Create and customize your personal Touch Controller with Steam Link App’s Touch Controls. Use it to change your layout or create your ideal play style when you stream with the Steam Link App.

Getting Started

When you launch the Steam Link app without a controller, touch controls are automatically available.

Once you are connected, you can select the [ ... ] button in the upper left corner. This allows you to change mouse mode, and show, hide, and layout on-screen touch controls. For more information, select the relevant section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Touch Controller support Steam Input configurations?

Yes, it does! You can bind controls, create action sets, use touchpad areas and your device's gyro, and publish configurations just like you would for any other controller. We will also work with developers to create touch layouts for their games and add other advanced features in the future.

I set up my Touch Controller, but it won’t stop moving the controls around on screen. What’s going on?

It sounds like you have not yet finalized your layout. If you are still moving the controls, click the [ ... ] button, and select ‘Done’. This will finalize your layout so that you can use it.

I'm having difficulty pressing multiple face (A, B, X, or Y) buttons

If you need to be hitting multiple face buttons at the same time in a game (for example, jumping while shooting in a platformer), you can bind your Right Thumb stick as a Button Pad in the Big Picture Controller Configuration. This will enable overlap for the face buttons, which will allow you to press multiple buttons simultaneously.

My phone vibrates when I play. Can I turn this off?

Sure! You can modify these settings either in game, or through the Big Picture Controller Settings menu.

Some of the controls are grayed out in the layout tray. How do I fix that?

Only the controls which are bound are available. For instance, if there are no macros bound, the macro buttons (M1 through M8) will be grayed out. You can change bindings and add new ones using the standard Steam Big Picture controller configuration UI.

Why do my touch controls keep disappearing?

The controls vanish after a few seconds of being idle. They will reappear when you touch the screen again.

Touch Control Modes

The touch controller can emulate mouse functionality in three different ways:

  • Trackpad - The screen acts as a trackpad where moving your finger pushes the cursor, tapping with 1 finger is a left click, tap and hold and then move for left click drag, tapping with 2 fingers is a right click, and tapping with 3 fingers toggles the on-screen keyboard. You can also move with one finger and then tap with another finger while moving to quickly left click and drag (e.g. 2 thumb mode). You can use pinch and zoom to zoom in on hard to read areas of the screen.
  • Trackpad Cursor - This works like the trackpad mode, but if you are zoomed in the view will be centered around the cursor.
  • Direct Cursor - Tapping the screen generates a left click at the location that was touched, for direct interaction. If you need to be able to move the mouse independently of the touch location, you should use trackpad mode.

You can quickly change mouse mode by tapping the [...] button and tapping the mouse button on the right.

How to Modify Touch Controls

The editing window has a tray in the center, which appears when you select Layout Controls by clicking the … button. Drag controls out of the tray to adjust them with these options:

  • Select Edit Layout to move/scale/remove existing controls.
  • Select Cancel to clear all changes since you last saved.
  • Select Done to save your changes.

To place a control, simply touch it and begin dragging it. The tray will close, and you can place the control where you want. Certain button sets are grouped as a single item for quick placement.

When in edit mode, the screen background will be a transparent blue over the running game. You can touch a single control to select and drag it, use two fingers to scale, or you can use one finger alone to draw a selection box and select multiple controls to move/scale at once. If you've placed a control before, a gray outline will be displayed in the last location you used. If you want to remove a control, simply drag it over toward the ... button, which will turn into a trash can.

While dragging controls around, they will snap into default positions relative to other related controls. If you don't like that location, simply keep moving, or lift your finger and drag again to make small adjustments.

You can also copy or reset layouts by clicking the […] in the upper left corner of the dialog window.

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