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How do I sign-up for a Dota TV league ticket?

You can sign-up for a Dota TV league ticket by visiting the league sign-up page here. Once you complete the form you will be redirected to your league admin page. On your admin page you will need to upload your league images in order for us to be able to build and complete your ticket. Once you are comfortable with the information you provided for your league you will need to "Publish" your league. When "Publishing" your league, you verify all the information has been entered and is correct. Once your league is "Published" you will be unable to edit the information you provided for your league. You must "Publish" your league at least 7 days prior to the start date of your event. If you fail to publish your league 7 days prior to the start date of your league, your league will be rejected.

How do I create a League Workshop Item/Listing for my league?

Before you submit your league, it requires you to setup a League Workshop Item with the revenue sharing finalized. Even if you aren't bundling an item with your league or your league is Free to Spectate, you still need to create a workshop item for your league and finalize the revenue sharing. To create your workshop listing, please do the following:

  1. In Steam, right-click "Dota 2" and select "View Downloadable Content"
  2. There, select "Dota 2 Workshop Tools DLC". Wait until the Tools are updated.
  3. Right-click Dota 2 again and select "Launch Dota 2 –Tools".
  4. In the Workshop Manager, select "Create new item".
  5. Select "Contract-Only Submission".

This will allow you to create the necessary workshop submissions. Copy this URL and use that when submitting your league for the "League Workshop URL" field. This page also contains the required information for finalizing revenue sharing for your league. If you are bundling an item with your league, please click here for instructions on finalizing revenue sharing for league bundles.


How do I bundle an item or item set with my league ticket?

If you would like to bundle an item or item set with your league ticket, be sure to submit the item(s) when you signup for your league. You can submit your item(s) by clicking on the link next to "League Item". This will allow you to submit up to 5 different item(s) or item set(s) you want to bundle with your league. We allow multiple submissions in-case your primary item is rejected. You should submit the items in the order of your preference (the top item is your first choice to bundle, 2nd item is your second choice, etc.). Additionally, you will need to create two sets of images for your league. One set of images that advertise only the league and another set that advertise the league with the item(s). You must also register your league on the league signup page a minimum of 45 days prior to the start date of your league.

Notes for Leauges with Items

  • Your items must be submitted to the workshop and marked public 45 days prior to the start date of your event.
  • All items submitted must be made public for community exposure and voting.
  • After three weeks of community voting (21 days after submission) your item(s) will be reviewed by Valve
  • By the 28th day you will receive a notification of acceptance, rejection, or feedback on changes that need to be made.
    • You will have one week to comply with requests for changes if necessary.
    • By the 35th day your items will be accepted or rejected if changes were requested
    • All rejections are final.
    • No other items will be accepted in the place of rejected items.

How do I setup revenue sharing correctly when bundling items with my ticket?

When you bundle an item or item set with your ticket the revenue for the bundle gets divided by the total number of items. You can use the tournamet revenue calculator to calculate your the revenue splits. The tournament tool includes two tabs, one for tournaments with prize pool contribution and one for tournaments without prize pool contribution. The following is a guide of how to setup a ticket and/or bundle:

If you have a bundle with a ticket and a courier the total revenue share would be divided in half between the courier and ticket. Below is an example for a tournament bundle with 2 items: the ticket and the courier. In order to set up your bundle you will need to do the following:

  1. Submit each individual item for your bundle to the workshop
  • Ticket (Can be set to hidden)
  • Courier/Item (Please ensure the courier or item is set to public so the Steam Community can vote on it. Hidden items will not be accepted into Dota 2.)
  1.  For each item submission, which includes the ticket and the courier in this example, you'll need to provide a workshop split %. The recommended approach would be for the league organizers and the courier contributor to come to an agreement on how the bundle would be split then apply that same split % to every item in the bundle.

Define Workshop Split % For Each Item:

a. Ticket

a. League Organizer A = 40%

b. League Organizer B = 40%

c. Courier Contributor C = 20%

b. Courier

a. League Organizer A = 40%

b. League Organizer B = 40%

c. Courier Contributor C = 20%


Resulting Revenue Share if the bundle has $100 in revenue:

a. Ticket

a. League Organizer A = $100 * (1 item / 2 items) * 40% split * 25% revenue share = $5.00

b. League Organizer B = $100 * (1 item / 2 items) * 40% split * 25% revenue share = $5.00

c. Courier Contributor C = $100 * (1 items / 2 items) * 20% split * 25% revenue share = $2.50

b. Courier

d. League Organizer A = $100 * (1 item / 2 items) * 40% split * 25% revenue share = $5.00

e. League Organizer B = $100 * (1 item / 2 items) * 40% split * 25% revenue share = $5.00

f.  Courier ContributorC = $100 * (1 item / 2 items) * 20% split * 25% revenue share = $2.50


The above split %'s are examples and may differ from yours. If you have any questions regarding revenue splits please post them under the League Messages portion. 

How do I receive payment for my league ticket?

After you complete your initial sign-up you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to setup a Workshop item for your league which is required to receive payment. Payments for leagues are sent out at the end of every month. Finally, you will need to ensure all your workshop payment information is completely and correctly filled out here. If you are having issues receiving payment for your league or have questions regarding the payment information, please refer to the Payment Info FAQ.

Do all items that are submitted with a league ticket get accepted into Dota 2?

No. All items that get submitted with a league are reviewed by the Dota 2 team. If we feel the quality does not meet our standards to be shipped the item will be rejected or feedback will be given to the artist for revisions.


How far in advance do I need to submit my league ticket?

Any league ticket sign-ups need to sign-up 15 days before the event. League tickets with items need at least 45 days notice.


Can I add items to a league ticket once it has been released on the Dota 2 Store?

No. Once a ticket is released on the Dota 2 store we are unable to add items to it.


What are the requirements to have your league ticket accepted into Dota 2?

Currently, we require each league have an active website that contains current information about the league. We also require all images and tickets submitted be legible and not contain copyrighted materials.


How do I add/remove administrators for my league?

If you would like to add or remove admins for your league do the following steps:

  1. Login here.
  2. Click on the Edit Submission / Get payment info link for your league.
  3. ADDING: under the League Administrators portion of the page enter the Steam Community URL for the user you want to add and click ADD.

    REMOVING: Under the League Administrators portion of the page click REMOVE next to the administrator your want removed.


I made a mistake with my sign-up! How can I change information about my league?

If you need to modify your league information do the following steps:

  1. Login here.
  2. Click on the Edit submissions / Get payment info link for your league
  3. Under League Information click on "Click here to change your league's information"
  4. Edit any information here and once finished click SUBMIT.


I would like to take advantage of prize pool contributions, compendiums, and/or battle boosters. How do I do this?

Prize pool contributions, compendiums etc. are reserved for top tier events in Dota 2. If you believe your league will be one of the top Dota 2 events of the year, create your league as normal, then post any relevant details under the League Messages portion.

When will I know my league has been accepted or not?

Leagues will receive an automatic rejection or acceptance e-mail the week prior to their event starting. Please do not contact Steam Support regarding the status of your league ticket.

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