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Managing HLDS Server Resources

How can I control how my HLDS server resources are managed?

In all below descriptions, 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled

Client side:

  • cl_allowdownload 1/0
    Allow/Prevent any download from the server to the client.
  • cl_allowupload 1/0
    Allow/Prevent any content (including sprays) from being sent from the client to the server.

Server side:

  • sv_allowupload 1/0
    Allows/Prevents clients sending custom sprays to the server.

    NOTE: sv_allowupload 0 will cause the message:
    "ignoring custom decal from xxxxxx" on the server console.

  • sv_send_logos 1/0
    Enables/Prevents the server from sending custom sprays to the clients.
  • sv_send_logos 1
    requires sv_allowdownload 1 to work.
  • sv_allowdownload 1/0
    Enables/Prevents the server from downloading any content to the client (maps, sprays and related).
  • sv_send_resources 1/0
    Enable/Disable all secure resources from being sent to the client.
  • sv_filetransfercompression 1/0
    Enables/Disables the server from compressing & sending compressed content to the client.
  • sv_downloadurl <url>
    Setting this CVAR will allow Clients to download Custom Content via HTTP instead of sourcing the content from the game server, much faster.
  • hpk_maxsize 0/(variable number, set to 0.1 to minimize)
    No limit/100k limit to the size of the custom.hpk file on the server that stores all the sprays from the client.


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