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Index Setup Guide

Index Setup

Valve Index Setup Guide

Index Setup

Getting VR-Ready.

Before you begin:

Pick a Play Area

Choose a play area that gives you enough room that your outstretched arms, including controllers, will not touch walls, ceiling, or objects around you. Make sure there are no stairs or windows within your space and that you have cleared any obstacles from the play area—including pets!

  • For Room Scale VR, you will need at least 2m x 1.5m (6.5ft x 5ft) of free space.
  • Standing-only or seated setups require less space.

Set up your Index Base Stations

Make note of how high you are placing the base stations and keep in mind, that the base stations should always point toward the center of the play area. As an example, if you place a base station above your head height, you should tilt the base station down and toward the center of the play area. If you place it on a coffee table at knee height, you should tilt the base station upward and toward the center.

Plug each base station into an outlet and remove the protective film from the base station lenses. The front LED should be on and visible when powered.

For help mounting your Base Station, see the section below.

Connect your Valve Index Headset

The Index Headset has three plugs:

  1. Plug the headset DisplayPort cord into your graphics card port (if you have a laptop you may need an adapter.
  2. Plug the headset USB cord into a USB 3.0 port on your computer.
  3. Using the headset power adapter, plug your headset into a power outlet.

Launch SteamVR

Launch SteamVR by clicking the VR box in the upper right corner of the client or by pressing the System button on the controller.

Run Room Setup and Enjoy VR

Make sure all of your devices turn green in the SteamVR monitor window, then follow the onscreen instructions for room setup.

Base Station Wall Mounting

Up in the air.

Before you get started make sure you follow these mounting guidelines:

  • Make sure your Base Station point directly at the center of the play area
  • Make sure nothing obstructs the Base Stations’ view of the headset

Tools Needed:

  • A Phillips-head screwdriver
  • A drill with 1/4 inch or 6mm size drill bit

*The mounting kit can attach bases to drywall or to a stud. If your room does not have drywall, please seek information about the best wall mounting methods for the type of walls you have.

Prepare the Wall Mount

Remove the cosmetic hole covers from the wall mount and unscrew the ball and socket from the wall plate.

Prepare the Wall

Hold the wall plate onto the wall in the desired mounting location.

With a pencil, mark drilling locations on the wall through the wall mounting holes.


Using a 1/4 inch drill bit or 6mm size drill bit, drill a hole straight into the wall at the marked locations.

Place Anchors

If you drilled into drywall, press each anchor into the hole.

If you drilled into a stud, do not use the anchors.

Attach the Wall plate

Align the wall plate holes with the anchors or pre-drilled hole (if applying to stud).

Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, screw the wall plate into the wall.

Prepare your Base Station

Screw the ball and socket joint into the back of the base station.

Plug the power cable into the back of the base station.

Attach and Aim the Base Station

Screw the ball and socket joint into the wall mount.

Aim your base station toward your play area.

*If you’re having tracking problems after following this guide, please visit our Tracking FAQ for more information.

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