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SteamVR Chaperone FAQ

What is Chaperone?

Chaperone is technology that indicates the boundaries of your play area. You establish these Chaperone boundaries during the setup process by designating the play area with your Controllers. By default Chaperone displays a grid pattern when you approach the boundary.

Does Chaperone show objects in the play area?

No. Chaperone only indicates the boundaries you designate. It does not indicate physical objects in the play area, such as a table or a pet, and it does not show the floor, ceiling, or overhead obstacles.

You should remove all physical objects from the play area floor to avoid tripping and falling. Make note of any objects that may project into the play area (such as fans or lights) and avoid them.

Will I always see the Chaperone boundaries in the play area?

No. The boundaries only become visible when you approach the boundary setting—you will then see a grid pattern representing the boundary. Also, Chaperone may not display a boundary soon enough if you are moving quickly, for example if you run or lunge suddenly. Chaperone is not a substitute for a planning a safe play area or a spotter.

See our Safety Guide for more info.

Can I change the Chaperone settings?

Yes. While the default Chaperone setting provides the most visible boundaries, you can customize the Chaperone settings. When you are wearing the Headset and running VR, press the System button on your Controller to access the settings and accommodate different VR experiences. When you change VR experiences or have another player use your play area, be sure that the settings are appropriate for the use. Show new players how Chaperone works and how to change its settings.

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