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How do I get in-game graffiti?

There are three ways players can get in-game graffiti:

Players have a chance to receive graffiti as a free weekly drop for ranking up.

Graffiti Boxes featuring art created by Steam Community Artists can be purchased. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Community Graffiti Boxes is shared among the community artists.

Individual graffiti patterns can be purchased from the Steam Market.

How many different types of graffiti are there?

There are two different types of graffiti patterns; monochrome and multi-colored. Monochrome (one color) patterns are received as rank up drops and multi-colored patterns are received when purchasing a graffiti box. Both types of graffiti can be traded and sold on the Steam Market.

How many times can I use a graffiti pattern?

When a player unseals graffiti they can apply that pattern 50 times. Players who unseal a graffiti pattern they already have in their Inventory will receive 50 additional charges to their existing supply.

How often can I apply graffiti?

Players can apply graffiti once per round, or every 45 seconds, whichever is shorter. Getting a kill in a round-based game mode will allow the player to apply more graffiti.

How long does my graffiti last?

One application of graffiti lasts 7 minutes and degrades over time until it is no longer visible.

Where can I apply graffiti?

The graffiti preview shows where and how the graffiti pattern will be applied. If there is no preview then the surface does not support graffiti.

How many different graffiti patterns can I have equipped at once?

Players can have as many different graffiti patterns equipped as they want and can use the in-game graffiti menu to select and apply a different graffiti pattern at every application.

How do I see my available graffiti?

All graffiti patterns can be viewed in players' inventories and in the in-game graffiti menu.

Can I sell and trade my graffiti?

Graffiti can be sold on the Steam Market and traded as long as it is sealed. Once a player has unsealed their graffiti it can not be traded or sold on the Steam Market.

Can I delete graffiti from my Inventory?

Yes, but the graffiti must be unsealed. Once you have unsealed the graffiti, locate the item in your CS:GO inventory, right click on it, then select 'Delete Item'.

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