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Adding a PPA Repository for the Latest Intel Drivers

If your machine is running an Intel graphics card, we recommend running the latest graphics drivers. These drivers, developed and approved by Intel, are distributed using the x-updates PPA (personal package archive). By default, this PPA is not added to the Ubuntu 12.04 repository list. The following procedure adds this repository.

To add the x-updates PPA to the Ubuntu 12.04 repository list, do the following:

  1. Open Ubuntu Software Center.
  2. From the top-level menu, select Edit Software Sources ... .
  3. Select the Other Software tab.
  4. Click the Add ... button.
  5. Enter the following: deb precise main
  6. Click the +Add Source button.
  7. Provide your user password when requested.
  8. Click the Close button.
  9. Open Update Manager (click the Unity icon on the launch bar and enter "update manager") and click the Check button to refresh the package cache.

 For more information related to video drivers, see


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