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Server Verification Failed

I get this error: 'Error: Server Verification Failed.' when I connect to some servers

This error message indicates that the game server which you are attempting to connect to is unable to contact the Steam Authentication Servers.

Please observe the following process to determine whether the error is a result of a Steam outage, issues with the game server connecting to the Steam Authentication Servers, or an issue with your internect connection.

  1. Try joining several different game servers - if you are able to connect to a different game server, there is an issue with the game server which reported the Server Verification Failed error
  2. If you are not able to connect to any game servers, check the Steam Status page - if the Steam Players and Game Servers graph shows a very sharp decline in players, there may be a temporary Steam outage
  3. If there does not appear to be an outage, check your connection to the Steam Authentication Servers through the Steam client:
    1. Ensure that you are set as Online, Away, or Busy (not Offline) in the Steam Friends list (Friends > View Friends List...)
    2. In the friends list, ensure that you do not see a message indicating that you have lost your connection to the Steam Friends network.
  4. If Steam reports that you have lost your connection to the Steam Friends network, please exit and restart Steam. If you are still unable to connect upon logging back in and you have confirmed that there is not an outage, please see the Troubleshooting Network Connectivity topic to troubleshoot your connection problems.

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