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SteamVR Troubleshooting

SteamVR Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting

The following steps solve the majority of issues. Before following any of the additional instructions below, please be sure to:

  • Verify Integrity of Tool Files (in the Steam Client, navigate to Library > Tools, then right-click SteamVR and select Properties > Local File > Verify Integrity of Tool Files).
  • Check your graphics driver versions and update if necessary - see Updating Drivers.
  • Restart SteamVR and test your issue again.
  • Rerun Room Setup from the SteamVR status window.
  • Restart Windows.

Devices are not solid green in the SteamVR status window

A device will appear solid green in the SteamVR status window when it is ready for use.

If a device does not appear this way in the status window, refer to our troubleshooting articles for each device for help.

Problems with your play area

My virtual position is different than my actual position

These issues are usually a result of tracking problems. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

The orientation of my play area is not correct

If the position of your virtual floor or the "front" of your virtual space is incorrect, you can run Room Setup from the SteamVR menu.

You can also change orientation and other features through advanced setting in room setup.

Common Issues

Headset is not connecting or loses connection

Check all of your headset's connections. If you see any of the messages below, securing loose cables and restarting the heaset (SteamVR menu > Devices. Restart headset) can resolve the issue.

  • Headset Display Disconnected
  • Headset not Detected
  • Laptop: Headset Display Disconnected

SteamVR fails to start, quits unexpectedly or is unresponsive

Start by performing all the steps from the General Troubleshooting section above. If your problem persists, you can try running SteamVR in safe mode:

  • Type "run" into the Windows search bar.
  • Type "vrmonitor://safemode/enable" into the Run window.
  • You can exit safe mode at any time from the dialog above the SteamVR status window.

If safe mode has not resolved your issue, click "Contact Steam Support" below to get help.

SteamVR Safe Mode

SteamVR's safe mode prevents the loading of some third party drivers and other components that can cause problems. If safe mode resolves your issue, it is likely that you have installed something that is interfering with SteamVR. For example, some VR "utility" applications such as Natural Locomotion and LIV are known to conflict with SteamVR in some cases.

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