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My purchase failed, can I try again?

If your purchase fails, Steam will save your shopping cart (at the sale price) for three days (exactly 72 hours) so you can try to make your purchase again. Any discounts applied to your failed purchase will be saved, even if they are no longer available in the Steam store.

So if you're trying to buy a game that's on sale, but you have trouble purchasing, Steam will let you try the purchase again within the next three days.

We want you to be able to purchase and enjoy games on Steam. If your purchase fails, the three day period gives you time to sort out the issue with either Steam or your bank.

How do I find my saved cart?

When your purchase fails, Steam will email you a link to your saved cart. That's when the three day period begins.

You can also find a saved cart from your Purchase History page. A shopping cart that is eligible for you to repurchase will have a shopping cart icon next to it. Click on that purchase and then select "I want to repurchase this saved cart."

How do I try my purchase again?

If your failed purchase is eligible to be saved, Steam will email you a link that will take you directly to that cart to try and purchase it again.

Why was my cart not saved?

There are some situations where we're unfortunately unable to save your cart. For example, if you have a coupon applied to your purchase, if you're purchasing a bundle, or if you're trying to buy a recurring subscription. We'd like to expand this feature to include those in the future.

If your purchase fails before you attempt to pay for it on the checkout page, we haven't yet saved your cart. You'll see a big orange box with a reminder on how long you have to try the purchase again if its eligible.

I need more time, can Steam Support extend the 3 day (72 hours) period?

No, the saved cart will expire after 3 days (exactly 72 hours.) Steam Support cannot change the amount of time remaining. Your Purchase History page will show exactly how much time is remaining before the saved cart expires.

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