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Team Fortress 2 Replays

How do I create a Team Fortress 2 replay?

How to create a replay in Team Fortress 2:

1. Connect to a server that supports replays. You will see a camera icon next to the server if it has replays enabled in the server browser.

2. Press F6 to record your current life and name your replay.

After you die, the replay will begin to download to your computer. Once completed you will receive a notification in the top left corner of your screen:

3. To edit the replay click on Replays from the main menu:

4. Select your temporary replay you want to edit and click on Watch/Edit (If you are connected to a server this will disconnect you):

5. To start editing your replay press the space bar to open the Replay Editor:

Note: You can also press the spacebar again to start playing your replay and use it to enter/exit the Replay Editor at anytime.

A. Menu Button

B. Record Light

C. Select specific player views by class

D. In Point Button

E. Out Point Button

F. Camera Modes: First Person, Third Person, and Free Cam

6. Click on the In Point button to set the beginning of your take. Once an in point is set any movements you make with the camera will be saved.

7. Take advantage of the various camera views (first person, third person, or free cam) to adjust the perspective from which your take will be viewed to mix up the replay.

8. After you complete your edits press the Out Point button to set the end of your take.

9. Click on the menu button in the upper left corner and click on Save.

10. Name your take and click Save.

11. Exit the Replay Editor.

12. Select your take that you created and click on Watch/Edit to view your work.

13. If you are happy with your take click on Save to Movie.

14. Title your movie, select your desired resolution and quality then click on Go! to begin to render your movie. Advanced options are available to increase quality and motion blur effects as well. NOTE: Your render times will be increased by adjusting these settings.

15. Once the render is complete click on the movie under Saved Movies.

16. If you wish to upload the movie to YouTube you can click on YouTube It, login to your YouTube account, and the movie will upload.

Note: If you are behind a proxy make sure you set up your proxy in the console by using the youtube_http_proxy command.

17. If you wish to export the movie in a Quicktime Movie file you can click on Export, name your movie, and it will save it to the directory of your choice.


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