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Dota 2 Workshop - Account Preparation for Workshop Item Submission

These instructions will help community contributors set up the accounts and tools required for submitting items to the Dota 2 Item Workshop.

There are numerous steps involved with this process but most will only have to be done once to set up a Steam account that can make Workshop submissions. Please be aware that after you submit tax information, the processing and verification may take a few days.

The instructions below will take you through these steps:


1. Set up a Steam Account for the person or business entity who owns the item to be submitted, if you do not have one already.

  • If this account is set up for a business entity, it should be set up by a person who has signing authority for the entity. 
  • We do not have the ability to do name changes after submission so please take this into account as you are setting up your Steam Account.
  • You should have tax and bank account information available to complete the process. 
  • Please refer to the Workshop Payment FAQ for more details about account naming and bank information.

IMPORTANT: This Steam account must have purchased at least one product on Steam of $5 or more to become a non-limited account that will be allowed to make submissions to the Dota 2 Workshop.


2. Go here and sign into the Steam Community



3. Download and install Steam.



4. Install Dota 2


5. In your Steam library right click Dota 2 and select “View Downloadable Content”


6. Select the checkbox to download the Dota 2  Workshop Tools DLC




7. Select Play and choose the “Launch Dota 2 – Tools” option 



8. Select: Launch Item Tools




9. Select the item type you plan to upload to the Workshop. If you are only setting up an account for contractual purposes select  "Contract Only Submission”.


10. Add a filename for your item. This is not publicly displayed. Use only lower case letters with no spaces or special characters. 

  • If you are doing a Contract Only submission, click Next.
  • If you are submitting an actual item, enter the requested information in the Select Inputs, Edit Generic and Edit Portrait pages. 


11. Click Submit


12. Add a title, description, and 512x512px image

  • Select the Hidden option under Visibility. You can reset this to Public later once your item is ready for voting and comments. Valve admins can see Hidden and Friends-Only items.
  • Read and accept the agreement
  • Click Submit



13. You should land on the Dota 2 Workshop page where you can review and click to accept the agreement.


14. Clicking this button will accept both agreements:




15. Click "Enter Payment Info" to go through the steps to add your Company or Contact Information, Bank Information, and Tax Information. 

 NOTE: There are strict procedures to follow for entering name and banking information. Failure to adhere to these requirements may cause problems submitting items or receiving payments. Please read the Workshop Payment FAQ for more details.


16. Enter your contact information


17. Enter your banking information

  • NOTE: You will be directed to a website outside of Valve to enter your information.
  • We use WorldPay, a third party payout provider, to make monthly payments to you. The bank information page is a template provided by WorldPay.
  • Routing number will be your ACH (Automated Clearing House) number


18. Enter Your Tax Information

  • NOTE: You will be directed to a website outside of Valve to enter your information. 
  • We use a service called TaxIdentity provided by a third-party company called Lilaham to conduct the tax interview. 

  • Upon exit of the last step of entering your tax information we will verify your tax information before you can proceed.
  • If you have any issues please refer again to the Workshop Payment FAQ.


19. After your forms are all filled out and accepted, click Save.

NOTE:The tax form can take a few days to process. You will only have to enter bank, tax and contact information once for each Steam account that's used for item submission.


20. Once your tax information is processed, click “Finalize” to finish your submission unless you need to add another user (see Adding Another Entity below).


21. If you are making an item in collaboration with Valve, please notify your Valve contact via email of the item ID url of your submission so we can prepare it for shipping in game.


22.  If you want the item to be visible on the Workshop for marketing purposes and to gather votes you should make the item public and add a YouTube video and images of the in-game items. For example, a music pack could have a video with samples of the tracks and a hero set could show various views of the items on the hero in the loadout and while performing actions in-game.



23. IMPORTANT:  Adding Another User (Optional)

  • If you are splitting payments with another entity for your item you need to add their Steam userID as a friend to your account.
  • If they have never accepted the Workshop agreement they must go through steps 1-19 above to be set up as a collaborator.


Here is how to add a friend on Steam:

24. Go to Steam


25. Hover over your user name tab and click the “Friends” section


26. Search for your friend's SteamID here:


27. Click "ADD AS FRIEND"


28. Go to the Dota 2 Workshop


29. Select "Files you've posted" 


30. Select your item to update it.


31.  In the Workshop Item Revenue Sharing section change your percentage to the proper amount and then select “Add Another User” and select their SteamID.


32. Denote the percentage of the net proceeds for the other party. Click Save.


33. After this step the other contributor will need to accept the revenue share and you are doneOnce this person has accepted the link request you can proceed.



34. Click Save to finalize your submission.

NOTE: Revenue shares cannot be changed on an item once it has been submitted. If revenue shares need to change before an item ships, a new submission will be necessary. 


35. If you review your submitted item in the workshop and the item link shows an error message saying "Sorry, An error was encountered while processing your request: That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.", check these two things:

  • Make sure you are logged in under the account that submitted the item if it is a hidden item.
  • The Steam account submitting the item must have purchased at least one product on Steam of $5 or more to become a non-limited account that is allowed to make submissions to the Dota 2 Workshop.


36. If you are submitting branded items or logos for a team, player or caster, please refer to our Dota 2 - Team, Player or Caster Branded Items submission guidelines



37. Optional: If a pre-approved Service Provider has assisted you with your items, you have the option to give them a percentage of Valve's revenue:


Thank you for taking the time to review these detailed instructions. We are excited to see what items you'll be creating for our game!


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