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How do I purchase a Subscription Plan?

To buy a Subscription Plan, visit the subscription-based game's page on the Steam Store and select a Plan. Then, add it to your cart. A credit card is required to purchase Subscription Plans.


How do I manage or cancel my Subscription?

Visit Account Details, where you can edit your payment method on record or cancel a Subscription at any time. Your cancelled Subscription will remain active until the paid plan expires.


Can I freeze my Subscription?

No, but you can cancel or renew your Subscription at any time.


How do I renew a cancelled or lapsed Subscription?

Visit Account Details to manage your current Subscriptions, or visit the Steam Store to Subscribe again.


Will reactivating my Subscription give me access to my old game history?

This depends on the game. In some cases, your game data will automatically be re-linked to your Steam account. If this has not happened, you will need to contact the publisher of the game and have them re-initiate your previous game account and link it to your Steam account. Support contact information for each subscription-based game is outlined below:

Darkfall Unholy Wars Support: 

EVE Online Support:


How do I update my payment method on record?

Visit Account Details to update your stored payment method information.


Does Steam offer partial refunds for unused Subscription time?

No, but a cancelled Subscription will remain active until the paid plan period expires.


How will I know when and what I will be charged for an auto-renewed Subscription Plan?

Visit Account Details to review past and known upcoming charges. Some Subscription Plans are governed by the game's billing system, in which case you'll need to visit your game account for upcoming billing details. Steam will also email you billing details upon completion of every transaction.


Can I give a Subscription Plan as a gift to a friend?

No, not at this time.


Can I register multiple game accounts to a my Steam account?

Not for a single title, no.

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