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What will the Vive come with?

The Vive comes with a headset, 2 base stations, 2 controllers, cables and adapters, base station mounting kit, alternate shape face cushion, and earbuds.

What do I need to install my Vive?

  • A VR Ready computer (run the performance test here) with 1 free HDMI port on your graphics card and 1 free USB port
  • A monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • An internet connection
  • You may need a drill if you choose to mount your base stations using the included mounting brackets.

What if I don't have a spare HDMI port?

If you don’t have a free HDMI port, you can use a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cord (not included) to connect your Vive to your PC.

What should I do to get ready for my Vive?

What should I think about when picking a VR area?

  • Make sure your room has enough space (see below for space requirements).
  • Your headset will be tethered to your PC - make sure your play area is nearby.
  • Your base stations will each need a power outlet, and an unobstructed view of the other base station, plan their location with this in mind.

Room Examples

What are the space requirements of the Vive?

For room scale VR you will need a minimum of 2 meters by 1.5 meters of free space (6.5ft x 5ft), and the maximum distance between base stations is 5 meters (16ft).

In addition to room scale VR, Vive supports seated and standing VR experiences, both of which do not have a minimum space requirement.

Do I have to drill holes in my walls to mount my base stations?

In addition to the included mounting brackets there are plenty of other options:

  • Tripods and light stands (Base stations use a standard ¼” UNC threaded mount)
  • Braced floor to ceiling pole with clamp mounts
  • Placing base stations at the edges of high bookshelves can also work in a pinch, though you may lose some tracking when standing beneath them.
  • Note: For the best experience, your base stations should be above head height, stable, pointed down 30-45 degrees, and have an unobstructed view of each other.

I have glasses, should I use contacts instead?

The Vive accommodates most glasses by default, and if needed there are eye relief adjustment knobs to increase the space in the headset.

How do I find my IPD?

You can ask your optometrist to give you an exact measurement of your IPD (interpupillary distance). In addition, there are several tools online that can approximate your IPD via webcam.

The average adult male IPD is ~65mm, and the average adult female IPD is ~63mm. When others are playing your Vive, make sure you set the IPD to something closer to these means.

What if my IPD is not set correctly, or is out of the adjustable range of the HTC Vive?

The HTC Vive headset's can be adjusted to fit customer IPDs across a broad range of values. That being said, we have tested with IPDs that are 5mm off, and things still look good. There will be a bit of softer focus on the extreme edge of the image on one side, but the lenses will still produce a clear image with rock solid geometry (no warping).

In our demo setups we usually set the IPD near the median IPD ~64mm and use that IPD for everyone who gets a demo. The difference in performance is not dramatic, but if you know what to look for you can see a slight difference. Even an IPD offset of 8-10mm still looks quite good.

What you will see if the lens is not centered is an increase in stray light. The worst case scenario is looking at white text on a dark background. In that case, you will see stray light halos in the dark area around the white text. In games without sharp contrast boundaries the stray light will be difficult to see.

I have a question about my HTC Vive order / shipping / billing.

Please visit HTC Vive Support for anything related to HTC Vive orders, shipping, and billing.

Can I use my Oculus Rift with SteamVR?

Yes, SteamVR supports the Oculus Rift. When using the Rift with SteamVR, use the Back button on an Xbox controller to bring up and dismiss the SteamVR Dashboard. To enable this, follow these instructions.

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