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Steam Link Build History

Steam Link Build History

Changes in build 711

  • Fixed regression with 8bitdo SN30 Pro controller

Changes in build 710

  • Added support for the Google Stadia Controller
  • Added support for the PowerA FUSION Pro Controller
  • Added support for the PowerA XB1 Fusion Fight Pad
  • Added support for the Hori Fighting Commander
  • Added support for the Hyperkin X91
  • Added support for the Mad Catz FightPad Pro

Changes in build 709

  • Fixed DragonRise Generic USB PCB showing up as a PS3 controller

Changes in build 707

  • Added controller tip screen when the guide button is used as a chord to emulate missing controller functionality
  • Use PlayStation controller button images when a PS3 or PS4 controller is connected
  • Added support for the PDP Versus Fighting Pad for PS3

Changes in build 706

  • Added support for the PDP Battlefield One controller
  • Added support for the NVIDIA Controller v01.04
  • Added support for the MOGA XP5-A Plus controller

Changes in build 703

  • Added support for the Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller in wired mode

Changes in build 701

  • Fixed regression with the Xbox One S controller in Bluetooth mode

Changes in build 699

  • Improved support for Xbox One wired controllers
  • Fixed support for Nintendo Switch Pro wired controllers
  • Added support for various third party Nintendo Switch Pro wired controllers
  • Nintendo Switch Pro controllers use buttons as they are labeled (e.g. the right face button is A) to match the Steam default configuration
  • Added support for the BDA PS4 Fightpad

Changes in build 698

  • Checking for computer status is now more responsive
  • Added a loading screen while the connection is being established
  • Fixed network warning icons never going away
  • Show the red network icon when we stop receiving video from the host
  • Steam Link Anywhere now runs over the Steam Datagram Relay network, which ensures that the best route over the Valve backbone is always used.

Changes in build 695

  • Fixed performance regression on WiFi networks

Changes in build 694

  • Added option to disable performance icons in advanced streaming settings

Changes in build 693

  • Added the device form factor for an upcoming Steamworks API

Changes in build 692

  • Fixed mouse jumping when the cursor is hidden
  • Fixed stuck green screen when launching SCS Software Truck Simulator games

Changes in build 689

  • Fixed mouse sensitivity when connecting to the most recent Steam client

Changes in build 688

  • Added support for Steam Link Anywhere

Changes in build 683

  • Fixed regression detecting wireless Steam Controllers

Changes in build 682

  • Updated Latin American Spanish localization

Changes in build 680

  • Added Latin American Spanish and Vietnamese language options
  • Added support for the upcoming Razer Raiju Mobile (wired)
  • Re-enabled streaming from Mac OS X Mojave (requires upcoming Steam Client update)

Changes in build 679

  • Added IPv6 netfilter modules (not enabled by default)

Changes in build 678

  • Added IPv6 kernel modules (not enabled by default)

Changes in build 673

  • Fixed regression causing audio and video frame stutters and drops on busy networks

Changes in build 672

  • Fixed spurious input from some PS3 controllers

Changes in build 669

  • Fixed regression causing long rumble vibrations

Changes in build 667

  • Fixed regression with Xbox controllers in the modern Xbox driver
  • Smoothed and reduced audio dropouts

Changes in build 664

  • Fixed lockup after 10 minutes of streaming
  • Added predefined controller mappings for over a hundred different controllers

Changes in build 661

  • Updated VirtualHere to version 3.6.6 with slight performance improvements
  • Restored European Portuguese localization

Changes in build 656

  • The controller test UI can be cancelled by double-tapping B

Changes in build 655

  • Added streaming support for the new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller configuration support in the latest Steam client beta.

Changes in build 653

  • Added the ability to change Xbox controller drivers in the System Settings (the modern driver is recommended for Xbox One controllers)
  • Added support for the GameSir G3w controller
  • Native applications can turn off Steam Controller mouse mode by setting the environment variable SDL_ENABLE_STEAM_CONTROLLER_MOUSE_MODE=0 before initializing SDL

Changes in build 651

  • Enabled Steam Controller support in native applications

Changes in build 648

  • Fixed regression using some third party Xbox One controllers

Changes in build 646

  • Reverted recent changes in Xbox and PS3 controller drivers

Changes in build 645

  • Fixed regression in controller support while streaming

Changes in build 644

  • Added support for some third party PS3 wired controllers
  • Security update to prevent the WiFi KRACK attack
  • Use MD5 instead of DES for passwords, fixing CVE-2017-17878
  • IPv6 is turned off, fixing CVE-2017-17877
  • Updated VirtualHere to version 3.4.5

Changes in build 640

  • Fixed sending controller serial numbers to Steam

Changes in build 639

  • Fixed Blueborne Bluetooth security vulnerability
  • Updated VirtualHere to version 3.4.3 with improved performance over WiFi

Changes in build 637

  • Updated Xbox controller driver to the latest Linux kernel release
  • Fixed issue being unable to use controller after mapping buttons
  • Made it possible to skip network setup at startup

Changes in build 630

  • Added support for more third party Xbox controllers
  • Updated Qt to version 5.9.1
  • Added root certificates for HTTPS web view support

Changes in build 628

  • Enabled HFP support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Fixed rare crash in Bluetooth settings

Changes in build 626

  • Added experimental microphone support which can be enabled in the Steam Link audio settings (requires Steam beta client dated July 26 or newer running on Windows 10)

Changes in build 624

  • Added missing localized strings for several languages
  • Fixed Bluetooth no longer working after wake from low power mode

Changes in build 623

  • Added better UI when ethernet is plugged in
  • Fixed regression in WiFi coming back online when waking from low power mode
  • Added streaming setting to specify whether to connect to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz networks or both
  • Added error message if you check for updates and the Steam Link can't contact the update server

Changes in build 620

  • Fixed bricked units caused by scratch partition filling up with log files

Changes in build 617

  • Added the ability to stream from a specific computer, not on the local network (streaming over the Internet is not officially supported)
  • Always use the Ethernet network when it's plugged in

Changes in build 615

  • Fixed regression in CEC support if the setting hadn't been modified
  • A One Touch Play message is sent to the TV if a button is pressed on the controller after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Fixed starting stream after the network test on the very first connection

Changes in build 614

  • Backed out latency reduction and frame smoothing change to see if that fixes reports of wireless packet loss and frame freezing
  • Improved robustness of CEC support

Changes in build 613

  • Fixed regression causing unexpected latency when connected to WiFi
  • Added display options to change resolutions and enable/disable CEC support
  • Switch the TV to the Steam Link when a button is pressed, if CEC is enabled
  • Added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Added support for the Cyborg V.3 Rumble Pad and the Mad Catz FightPad PRO
  • Updated VirtualHere server to version 3.2.9

Changes in build 610

  • Saving debug logs also saves them to a USB thumb drive in steamlink\logs, if connected
  • Increased initialization speed of wireless Steam Controllers when starting Big Picture on the remote computer
  • A native app's home directory is saved and restored when reinstalling it

Changes in build 609

  • Fixed issue with the XBox 360 wireless controller not waking the Steam Link
  • Fixed rare continual crash when connecting to the local network
  • Fixed occasional audio dropout on the main menu after waking

Changes in build 607

  • Experimental change to reduce latency and frame stuttering
  • Fixed reset on wake when connected to a Sharp TV
  • Added support for the wired Power A controller (thanks to Thomas L)
  • Fixed hang when unplugging USB headset

Changes in build 606

  • Improved performance for Bluetooth audio
  • Added support for the Razer Wildcat controller

Changes in build 600

  • The HDMI port is powered down when the Steam Link goes to sleep, and should have better compatibility with CEC enabled TVs
  • Steam Controller right pad and triggers act as a mouse for native applications

Changes in build 597

  • Upgraded Qt to version 5.8.0 and now the complete runtime environment is available for native applications

Changes in build 589

  • Fixed sharing the Thrustmaster TX with the remote computer using VirtualHere
  • Fixed using the PS4 controller locally after sharing it with the remote computer using VirtualHere

Changes in build 587

  • Fixed timeout connecting to the remote computer when Big Picture starts slowly
  • Updated streaming audio to opus 1.1.4 for a small performance improvement

Changes in build 585

  • Fixed occasional problem with Bluetooth no longer scanning on the Bluetooth settings panel.

Changes in build 584

  • Fixed increasing audio latency when the remote computer is sending audio faster than expected
  • Implemented rumble support for the XiaoMi Bluetooth controller
  • Prompt the user to put their Bluetooth controller in discoverable mode if the controller thinks it's paired with the Steam Link but the pairing has been removed (or factory reset)

Changes in build 582

  • Implemented support for rumble over Bluetooth with the XBox One S controller

Changes in build 581

  • Made it possible to cancel the controller mapping UI
  • The controller mapping UI comes up if you connect an unknown Bluetooth controller
  • Added support for the 8Bitdo NES30 Pro and iBuffalo SNES Controller
  • Switched the default Wii U Pro Controller button mapping to match the physical layout of a Steam Controller

Changes in build 578

  • Added support for entering a PIN code to start streaming
  • Improved controller mapping UI to support more third party controllers
  • Added support for the Mayflash GameCube controller adapter
  • Added support for some third party SNES controllers
  • The Steam Link no longer wakes up when plugging in non-sound / non-input devices

Changes in build 575

  • Added an option to disable video streaming in the advanced streaming settings
  • Added an option to reset advanced streaming settings to default
  • Added support for using the Logitech G920 racing wheel with VirtualHere
  • Fixed a cause of the PS3 controller being unable to connect wirelessly
  • Fixed Wake On LAN timing out early in some circumstances

Changes in build 574

  • Upgraded to BlueZ 5.43 for improved Bluetooth device compatibility
  • Automatically pair with the PS4 controller when it's plugged in via USB
  • Fixed pairing with the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard
  • Fixed delay on button presses when using the Steam Controller with local apps
  • Fixed occasional difficulty connecting to wireless networks

Changes in build 572

  • Disabled Bluetooth headsets by default, because of performance issues
  • Added audio settings to change output (allowing use of Bluetooth headsets and PS4 controller headphone jack when it's plugged in via USB)
  • Added controller settings to setup third party game controllers
  • Automatically re-pair with Bluetooth devices that have been paired before and are put back in pairing mode while on the Bluetooth or connect input screens
  • Added support for the XiaoMi Bluetooth controller (小米蓝牙手柄)
  • Stopped waking when USB devices are unplugged
  • You can add the USB VID/PID of devices that don't wake the Steam Link by putting them in the file \steamlink\config\system\usb_blacklist.txt on a USB drive, inserting it in the Steam Link and power cycling it. The lines are in the form VID,PID, e.g. 0x2378, 0x1008
  • Fixed re-connecting to a network via WPS
  • Increased the timeout for WiFi password entry to 5 minutes
  • Increased the Wake On LAN wait time to 5 minutes

Changes in build 566

  • You can now turn on the performance graph with Options+Triangle when using the PS4 controller with Steam configurator support enabled in Big Picture
  • Fixed turning on the Steam Link with the Logitech F310 controller
  • Show an error message if the static IP configuration isn't completely filled out
  • Upgraded VirtualHere support to version 3.1.8

Changes in build 565

  • Added support for the DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick
  • Fixed apps crashing at startup

Changes in build 564

  • Added mouse sensitivity settings
  • Added support for the Nostromo n45 Dual Analog Gamepad
  • Fixed loading controller mappings from /etc/controller_map.txt
  • Fixed offset video in the MAME4ALL app

Changes in build 562

  • Added support for personalization of PS4 controllers connected via Bluetooth
  • Added support for the DS4 Wireless USB Adapter
  • Added support for the OUYA controller

Changes in build 560

  • Allow pairing with the XBox One S controller updated to the latest firmware version, 3.1.1221.0
  • Added support for full Steam Controller personalization when connected to the latest Steam beta client
  • Added support for full PS4 controller personalization when connected to the latest Steam beta client
  • Use HDMI audio output when the PS4 slim controller is plugged in
  • Fixed HDMI audio buzzing after waking the Steam Link with a USB headset connected
  • Fixed issue with some Bluetooth devices waking the Steam Link immediately after going to sleep
  • Updated VirtualHere with performance optimizations

Changes in build 554

  • Fixed audio crackling in the main menu
  • Added support for pairing PS3 controllers for wireless use (must pair over USB cable by pressing the PS button)

Changes in build 550

  • Added volume settings for external USB and Bluetooth headsets
  • Fixed regression in 5.1 audio output to USB headsets
  • Added rumble support for the DS4 Slim controller, model CUH-ZCT2U
  • Fixed kernel crash when using the XBox One Elite controller

Changes in build 546

  • Added support for the DS4 Slim controller, model CUH-ZCT2U
  • Added an option to stream the desktop when connecting, in the advanced streaming settings
  • Added support for specifying a network proxy in the advanced network settings
  • Automatically configure the date and time, as well as timezone, when starting up
  • Use ALSA instead of Pulseaudio for USB headsets, improving performance and reducing latency

Changes in build 540

  • Fixed bug causing audio to mute during the streaming session

Changes in build 538

  • Fixed a cause of streaming audio being gradually delayed over time
  • Fixed system hang when the Logitech G920 racing wheel is plugged in
  • Added support for the Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel using VirtualHere
  • Improved the algorithm for linking host computers to existing entries in the main menu when Steam has been reinstalled
  • Apps are now installed in /home/apps with 1 Gigabyte of storage available
  • Apps can be installed by packing them in zip or tar.gz archives and placing them in the steamlink\apps folder of a USB drive
  • The Kodi SDK example now supports hardware accelerated video playback

Changes in build 532

  • Fixed issue where the PS4 gyro would wake the Steam Link

Changes in build 528

  • Added support for the USB wired XBox One S controller
  • Added support for connecting the XBox One S controller via Bluetooth, once the controller has been updated to firmware revision 3.1.1215.0. The center XBox button is not functional in Bluetooth mode.
  • Added logic to detect when Steam has been reinstalled on the host computer and replace the old entry on the Steam Link main menu. More work will be done in the future to catch some edge cases here.

Changes in build 524

  • Switched default audio to stereo to avoid compatibility issues
  • Fixed regression causing 5.1 surround sound to be used even if stereo was selected
  • Fixed XBox controllers occasionally not working after wake
  • Fixed issue with unpaired bluetooth devices waking the Steam Link
  • Fixed issue with updates not downloading while the Steam Link is in low power mode

Changes in build 522

  • Added support for spectating Steam VR games running on the Steam beta client
  • Greatly reduced wake time coming back from low power mode
  • Steam Controller and XBox Controllers wake the Steam Link by pressing the center guide button to wake the controller
  • Updated Steam Link hostname to uniquely identify multiple Steam Links on the network

Changes in build 518

  • VirtualHere have completed their beta test and have released their product on the Steam Store
  • Fixed USB audio output when waking from sleep
  • Fixed performance issues when using USB audio output with 5.1 surround HDMI setup
  • Fixed issues connecting to Bluetooth LE devices
  • Added support for multiple partitions on USB thumb drives

Changes in build 517

  • to 5 GHz wireless networks

Changes in build 516

  • Fixed Steam Link menu UI showing up while stream is in progress

Changes in build 515

  • Fixed several bluetooth pairing issues
  • Fixed several bluetooth audio interoperability issues
  • Fixed some audio devices not showing up in the bluetooth screen
  • Disconnect bluetooth devices when going into sleep mode
  • Logitech F710 can now be used to wake the system up
  • Fixed bug causing the TV to power on after a silent update

Changes in build 513

  • Reduced audio latency for USB headsets
  • Added support for Bluetooth audio headsets (output only)
  • Added support for the PowerA Mini XBox One wired controller
  • Added support for the PDP Afterglow XBox One wired controller
  • Enabled USB suspend for mice and keyboards when Steam Link goes to sleep
  • Added restore logic for a corrupt recovery image

Changes in build 507

  • Added display settings configuration to the out of box experience
  • The TV is only turned on in response to input
  • Wireless 360 controllers are turned off when going to sleep
  • Fixed host memory corruption when turning on performance graph

Changes in build 503

  • Added support for a network test with new Steam clients
  • Added dynamic MTU discovery with new Steam clients
  • Increased receive buffer size to reduce dropped packets on wireless networks
  • Cleanly disconnect from wireless networks when restarting for updates
  • Added boot logs to the debug logs uploaded from the system settings
  • Fixed potential audio corruption in the Steam Link main menu
  • VirtualHere is automatically enabled while streaming while opted into the beta, allowing connections of up to 1 device.

Changes in build 499

  • Fixed a memory leak causing Steam to crash on the host after a while
  • Added support for various Mad Catz fightsticks for Street Fighter V

Changes in build 497

  • Added display information to the display settings panel
  • Fixed a regression causing update and factory reset failure if the resolution has been overridden.

Changes in build 494

  • Fixed garbled 5.1 audio after several hours of play
  • Fixed blank display after boot on some AV receivers and projectors
  • Fixed an issue with wired Steam Controllers occasionally keeping the right pad in mouse mode

Changes in build 487

  • Updated WiFi driver from Marvell to resolve dropped wireless connections while streaming
  • Added initial support for audio output to USB headsets
  • Logitech racing wheels no longer show up as XInput devices when streaming

Changes in build 484

  • Added low latency audio and video APIs for native development

Changes in build 462

  • Fixed regression pairing Steam Controllers directly with Steam Link (holding down X while powering on the controller when the Steam Link is prompting to connect a controller)
  • Added support for Logitech racing wheels using the beta VirtualHere feature
  • Updated recovery image

Changes for build 456

  • Fixed Steam Controller config customization with the latest Steam beta client
  • Added the ability to "forget" a wireless network in advanced network settings
  • Put the factory reset option back in the system settings

Changes in build 449

  • Added the ability to force 720p output by putting the word 720p in a file on a USB drive at \steamlink\config\system\display_resolution.txt, inserting it into the Steam Link and then power cycling the Steam Link

Changes in build 447

  • Re-enabled burst bitrate limiting to fix packet loss on Gigabit networks
  • VirtualHere support has been improved with an optimized build
  • Added support for Steam Link apps, built with a forthcoming SDK

Changes in build 441

  • Stabilized HDMI signal during boot, which may help some systems that show black screen after boot.
  • Added an option to save debug logs from the system settings panel

Changes in build 437

  • Added audio settings panel (in preparation for future 5.1 surround support)
  • Set the name of the device to "Steam Link" in TV source menus

Changes in build 435

  • Fixed menu audio latency regression in build 433

Changes in build 433

  • Fixed occasional sound hitch while streaming

Changes in build 430

  • Updated WiFi driver from Marvell
  • Improved firmware update speed for future updates

Changes in build 414

  • Enabled 32-bit CRC checking to detect corrupt network packets

Changes in build 412

  • Updated HDMI startup sequence to avoid black display after boot logo on more TVs and AV receivers
  • Added the ability to lock the firmware to a specific build by putting that build number in a file on a USB drive at \steamlink\config\system\update_branch.txt, inserting it into the Steam Link and then power cycling the Steam Link

Changes in build 410

  • Disabled burst bitrate limiting to isolate whether it is causing stuttering for some customers

Changes in build 406

  • Fixed black screen after the boot logo on some TVs and AV receivers
  • Fixed D-pad functionality on wireless XBox 360 controllers
  • Added support for some third party XBox One wired controllers
  • Fixed WiFi not working correctly after system reset
  • Added additional logging to track down WiFi timeout and driver failure issues
  • Fixed packet loss and additional latency when connected to Gigabit networks
  • Added advanced streaming option not to stream audio from the remote computer (requires Steam client dated 12/8 or newer)
  • Added advanced streaming option not to send input to the remote computer
  • Added experimental support for sharing a single USB device with the remote computer, using VirtualHere, which can be enabled in the system settings.

Changes in build 400

  • Added experimental support for sharing a single USB device with the remote computer, using VirtualHere, which can be enabled in the system settings.

Changes in build 398

  • Re-enabled 1080p streaming on wireless networks
  • Increased "Beautiful" settings bitrate to 30 Mbit/s, wireless networks should use "Balanced" or "Fast" settings if this causes problems
  • Fixed audio latency and crackling on most wireless networks
  • Fixed issue with XBox 360 wireless controllers being unable to wake Steam Link
  • Fixed pairing with Wii-U controllers (re-pairing in the Bluetooth menu is necessary)
  • Fixed issue where Steam Link would go to sleep immediately on some CEC TVs
  • Fixed black screen at boot for some HDMI receivers and are continuing to work on this issue for others

Changes in build 390

  • Re-enabled bandwidth estimation for better performance on wireless networks

Changes in build 388

  • Greatly improved audio latency
  • Increased the maximum bitrate on wireless networks to match wired networks
  • Temporarily disabled estimated bandwidth calculation and automatic bitrate tuning
  • Temporarily reduced default resolution on wireless networks to 1600x900. This fixes audio crackling on good wireless networks and can be adjusted in the advanced streaming client settings before starting to stream.
  • Added UI to adjust the delay before the Steam Link goes to sleep
  • Added UI to opt in and out of the Steam Link beta firmware
  • Fixed Dual Shock 4 Bluetooth controller pairing
  • Moving the mouse will no longer wake the Steam Link
  • Fixed buzzing sound after a background system update

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