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Dota 2 Workshop - Low Violence Items


  • We occasionally need to request alternate low-violence versions of some workshop items with some or all of the following changes:
    • Replace or remove human skulls and some types of bones
    • Replace or remove excessive wounds or entrails
    • Darken or remove bright red blood
  • If low violence alternates are requested, they should be submitted to the workshop as new "low-violence" submissions instead of replacing existing submissions.
  • If you prepare a low-violence item, it will preview on the regular hero base model in the workshop tool, it is not possible to preview items on a low-violence hero base model.
  • Some workshop reference files available through the Hero Resource pages include low-violence models, textures or images. Low-violence files will have an "lv" in the file name.

  • If you have excessive blood on items, it will be helpful to keep the blood on a separate layer in your texture source file so that it will be easy to darken or remove the blood if this is requested.


Below are alternate low-violence textures and models Valve created for some Dota heroes:


Life Stealer, Bane and Clinkz

  • These heroes have a different model and different textures





  • Pudge has the same model but altered wound details and darkened blood on textures, including darkened blood on the base right hand that may need matching darkened blood on low-violence left hand items:



Lone Druid and Witch Doctor

  • These heroes have human skull ornaments replaced or removed from their items:



Doom, Pugna, Lich, and Shadow Demon

  • The skull-like lower faces of these heroes are covered for low-violence:



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