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Using an XBox 360 Controller with Source Games

How can I set up my Xbox 360 controller work with Source games?


A third-party driver must be used to enable the Xbox 360 controller on a Mac. The driver available from can be used.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead have their own built-in configuration for the XBOX 360 controller. To use this configuration, simply open the console and type exec 360controller then press enter. For more information on enabling and using the console, please see the Console article.

These games use special joystick interface configurations that may interfere with the usability of the keyboard and mouse - if you wish to undo these configuration changes, there is a second configuration file you may run by opening the console and typing exec undo360controller then pressing enter.

If you wish to customize the configuration, or use one of these configurations with Half-Life 2 or Half-Life 2: Episode One, you will need to create your own copy in a text editor (such as Notepad) modifying the default settings below and save it as something different (such as joystick.cfg), then place it in the \cfg\ folder inside the game's directory, which uses the following basic structure: 

\Steam\steamapps\<account name>\<game name>\<short name>\cfg\ 

  • Windows PCs: \Steam\ is located in C:\Program Files\ by default.
  • Mac OS X: /Steam/ is located in ~/Library/Application Support/ by default.


The configuration file's contents are offered below for use in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One, or for customization purposes; game-specific configurations are noted and should be left out when using in a different game. Please see the Configuring a Joystick or Gamepad for Source article for customization information.


//Joystick configuration for XBOX 360 controllers
joy_name "Xbox360 controller"
joy_advanced 1
joy_advaxisx 3
joy_advaxisy 1
joy_advaxisz 0
joy_advaxisr 2
joy_advaxisu 4
joy_advaxisv 0
joy_forwardsensitivity -1
joy_sidesensitivity 1
joy_pitchsensitivity 1.0
joy_yawsensitivity -1.25
joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
joy_autoaimdampen 0.5
joy_lowend 0.65
joy_lowmap 0.15
joy_accelscale 1.4
joy_response_move 5
joy_response_look 1
crosshair 0
hud_draw_fixed_reticle 1


//Half-Life 2 and Episodes, Portal specific settings
bind "Z AXIS POS" "+attack2"
bind "Z AXIS NEG" "+attack"


bind "JOY1" "+jump"
bind "JOY2" "+reload"
bind "JOY3" "+use"
bind "JOY4" "impulse 100"

bind "JOY5" "+speed"
bind "JOY6" "phys_swap"

bind "JOY7" "impulse 50"

bind "JOY10" "+zoom"
bind "JOY9" "toggle_duck"

bind "JOY8" "pause"

bind "POV_UP" "slot1"
bind "POV_RIGHT" "slot2"
bind "POV_DOWN" "slot3"
bind "POV_LEFT" "slot4"

joystick 1
sk_autoaim_mode 2
hud_fastswitch 2

player_limit_jump_speed 0

//Team Fortress 2 specific settings
tf_build_menu_controller_mode 1
tf_disguise_menu_controller_mode 1


bind "Z AXIS POS" "+attack2"  // L TRIGGER
bind "Z AXIS NEG" "+attack"  // R TRIGGER

bind "JOY1" "+jump"   // A
bind "JOY2" "+reload"   // B
bind "JOY3" "taunt"   // X
bind "JOY4" "togglescores"  // Y

bind "JOY5" "invprev"   // L SHOULDER
bind "JOY6" "invnext"   // R SHOULDER

bind "JOY7" "changeclass"  // BACK
bind "JOY8" "pause"   // START

bind "JOY10" "voicemenu 0 0"  // Right Stick Down
bind "JOY9" "+duck"   // Left Stick Down

bind "POV_UP" "slot1"
bind "POV_RIGHT" "slot2"
bind "POV_DOWN" "slot3"
bind "POV_LEFT" "slot4"

The following can be used for undoing interface changes in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 1, which do not have an undo360controller.cfg

//Configuration to undo interface changes from 360
//controller configurations
crosshair 1
hud_draw_fixed_reticle 0
joystick 0
sk_autoaim_mode 1
hud_fastswitch 0
hud_quickinfo 1


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