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Return Packaging Instructions

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Index Return Packaging Instructions

Do not return items without this step

Before you return your Steam Hardware, make sure you have contacted Hardware Support and initiated a return or a replacement.

Do not return items without contacting us first.

If you have questions about whether you qualify for a refund or replacement, see our Hardware Warranty and Hardware Refund Policy.

Read our recommendations on how to pack items to avoid damaging them during shipment. Make sure to send only the items you want to return or replace. Steam Hardware may not be able to return any additionally or accidentally included items.

Note: If you are returning multiple items, make sure you have included an RMA sheet for each item. You can return multiple items in the same package, but each RMA sheet will need to be scanned separately at our warehouse.

How to return a product

Whenever possible, it is best to use the product’s original packaging. If you are unable to do so or you are returning a component part for replacement, please follow the instructions below to ensure no damage occurs while your package is in transit.

Choosing the right box

Obtain bubble wrap and a sturdy shipping box that is large enough to contain Hardware when it is wrapped up.

This box should not be too large: room for excessive movement may damage the product during transport.

Should I include anything else?

Yes – you should include the product’s RMA sheet and any additional components the sheet requests to send along.

Make sure the serial number of the device you are returning matches the serial number on the RMA sheet that is associated with your return.

The RMA includes instructions for returning the product, and these instructions may also require that you include specific component parts with your return. Make sure you include all these requested parts with your return, as well as the RMA instructions sheet itself. You may experience delays in processing if the instructions are not followed.

Important: Do not send any unspecified items with your return. They will not be returned to you.

Prepping your device

Wrap the device evenly in bubble wrap and place it in the box. Ensure that it sits in the box snugly to prevent unnecessary movement during shipping. Valve is not responsible for any shipping damage.

Some product-specific packaging tips:

  • Index Base Stations - Pack snugly so bases don’t move around.
  • Note: If you are replacing your Index Base Station, please keep your wall mount and power supply. Replacement cables and mounts may not be included with your replacement device.

  • Index Controllers - Wrap in bubble wrap and have the controllers face up to avoid pressing the buttons down in packaging.
  • Note: If you are replacing your Index Controller(s), please keep your USB charging cable. A replacement cable may not be included with your replacement device.

  • Index Headset - Package the HMD in a manner where its weight is not resting on the audio arms. The HMD should lie flat within the packaging. Use the adjustment dials to make sure the HMD is in it's most compact state.
  • Note: Image shows the device orientation. Make sure to wrap the device completely before taping the box shut.

    Finalize shipment

    1. Make sure you have placed the RMA sheet in the shipping box.
    2. Seal the box well with packing tape and attach a shipping label to the box.
    3. Write down the tracking number from the shipping label.
    4. Ship the package and keep your shipping receipt.
    5. Contact Hardware Support if you have questions about your return.

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