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Index Fit Guide

Index Fit Guide

Valve Index Fit Guide

Index Headset

Let's get comfy.

Before fitting your Index headset, launch SteamVR and make sure the headset is connected properly – Green LEDs should be visible above the two front-facing cameras.

Prepare the headset

Release the Velcro on the top strap

Turn the head strap adjustment knob counterclockwise until it is large enough for your head.

Look through the Headset

Hold the headset in one hand and tilt the head strap upward.

Hold the headset in a position that provides the best image clarity.

Tighten the Head Strap

While holding the headset in position, pull the head strap down over the back of your head. Avoid making contact with your ears.

Turn the headset adjustment knob clockwise to tighten the headset until it is snug, but still comfortable.

Tighten the top strap

Pull the Velcro top strap tight to allow the weight of the headset to rest on the top of your head.

Adjust the eye relief

Push and turn the eye relief knob clockwise to bring the lenses closer to your eye. This provides a larger FOV.

If the lenses are too close or you need additional room for glasses, rotate the knob counter clockwise.

Adjust the IPD

If you know your IPD, set it using the slider – the current IPD will be shown in the headset display.

If you don't know your IPD, experiment with the slider until you find the clearest image.

Adjust the off ear speakers

Pivot and slide the speakers so they hover over the middle of your ears.

The speakers are designed to hover directly over the middle of your ears without touching them.

Removing headset

Without adjusting anything, hold the headset with both hands, pull away from your face and slide it up and back until the head strap feels loose. Lift the headset off your head.

You should be able to slide the headset on and off without making any additional adjustments.

* You may need to use the rear cradle adapter if you find the headset is too loose or moves/wiggles during use.

Index Controllers

Fits like a glove.

Valve’s Index Controllers are designed to give you smarter hands in VR. There are several adjustment mechanisms in place that can help you find your perfect fit. You’ll know you are ready to get started when:

  • Your index finger rests comfortably on the trigger.
  • The pad of your thumb rests naturally on the Track Button’s surface without obscuring the LED above or the System Button below.
  • The hand strap rests behind your knuckles on the back of your hand.
  • For added security, tighten the Index Controllers to your wrists using the provided lanyards.

Slide your hand into the Hand Strap

Locate the strap release button on the grip and press it to open the Hand Strap.

Make a flat open hand and slide it between the strap and grip.

Grab the Controller

Rest your index finger on the trigger and thumb on the Track Button.

Pinch the controller between your index finger and thumb.

Now you should be able to wrap your remaining fingers around the handle of the controller.

Fine tune the Adjustment Arm

If you are having trouble reaching all the inputs, try sliding the arm up or down.

  • If your thumb is resting above the Track Button, adjust the strap arm down.
  • If your thumb is resting below the top of the Track Button, adjust the strap arm up.

Tighten the Hand Strap

Pull the Strap Cord until it is snug but still comfortable.

Once adjusted, the controller should stay in position when you open and close your hand.

Put on your other Index Controller

While wearing one controller, go through the previous steps with the other controller.

Finger tracking issues?

Make sure to rest your index finger on the trigger and other fingers on the sensor area of the controller.

Drum your fingers along the handle to help improve dynamic calibration.

*Note: not all VR content supports Index Controller finger tracking.

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