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Trade Up Contracts

What are Trade Up Contracts?

Trade Up Contracts allow players to trade 10 normal or StatTrak weapon skins of the same weapon grade (Mil-Spec to Classified) for one weapon skin of the next highest weapon grade from one of the weapon collections used in the trade up.

To use a Trade Up Contract, left-click on an eligible weapon and select 'Use With Trade Up Contract'.

Which weapon skins can be used in Trade Up Contracts?

A Trade Up Contract requires all ten weapons to be the same weapon grade (Mil-Spec, Restricted, or Classified) and either normal or StatTrak. Normal weapon skins cannot be used in a Trade Up Contract with StatTrak weapon skins and vice versa.

To verify if a weapon can be used in a Trade Up Contract, hover over the weapon in your CS:GO Inventory and look for the Collection it's included in. If the weapon's grade is the highest in its Collection it can not be used in a Trade Up Contract.

Note: Covert (red) weapon skins can not be used in Trade Up Contracts.

The skin I received isn't the weapon wear I'd like. Why is this?

Regardless of the weapon wear on the skins you're trading up, the weapon wear on the skin you receive will be randomized, meaning you may receive a Battle-Scarred skin even if you trade up all Factory New skins. This result is always randomized and cannot be controlled by trading up skins with a specific weapon wear.

Name Tags

What are Name Tags?

Name Tags in CS:GO are single use in-game items which allow players to nickname their weapons. Name Tags cannot be modified once they've been applied to a weapon.

To remove a Name Tag on an existing weapon, left-click on the weapon, select 'Rename', then 'Remove Name'.

Name Tags can be purchased for $1.99 USD in-game or from the Community Market.

What characters can I use on a Name Tag?

The following characters can be used on Name Tags:

  • a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • `!@#$%^&*-+=(){}[]/|\,.?:;'_ (and "space", but Name Tags can't start with spaces)

Note: Any characters not listed here are not supported on Name Tags and may not display properly.

Can I change the position of the Name Tag on a weapon?

No. Name Tags have a pre-determined location on each weapon which cannot be changed.


What are Stickers?

Stickers in CS:GO are single use in-game items that can be applied to one of four locations on each weapon.

Stickers can be scraped once they've been applied to a weapon to change their appearance. To do this, left-click on a weapon in your CS:GO Inventory which has Stickers, select 'Scrape Sticker', and click on the Sticker you'd like to scrape.

Stickers can be purchased through in-game offers or from the Community Market.

Note: Scraping a Sticker cannot be undone - once you have clicked on a Sticker to scrape it the results are permanent.

I've applied a Sticker and would like to move it. Can I do this?

No. Once a Sticker has been placed on a weapon it cannot be moved. If you'd like to remove the Sticker you will need to scrape it in-game until the 'Remove Sticker' option appears.

Note: Removing a Sticker from a weapon is permanent and the Sticker will not be returned to your Inventory.

Stickers on my weapon aren't visible when I inspect in-game. Why is this?

Stickers on your weapon may not be visible because they've been heavily scraped. When Stickers are scraped they lose their vibrance and eventually won't be visible on the weapon when inspecting it. Stickers that have been heavily scraped will only leave an outline of the original sticker.

You're free to completely remove the sticker by scraping it further using the in-game UI.

StatTrak Swap Tool

What is a StatTrak Swap Tool?

StatTrak Swap Tools are single use items which allow players to transfer kill counts from one StatTrak weapon skin to another so long as the weapon is the same. Kills from a StatTrak M4A1-S can only be transferred to another StatTrak M4A1-S using a Swap Tool, not to another weapon.

StatTrak Swap Tools can be purchased for $.99 USD in-game or from the Community Market.


Graffiti information

Detailed information about CS:GO Graffiti can be found in our Graffiti Help Article.

X-ray Scanner

I scanned a container and it is no longer in my Inventory. Where did it go?

Scanned containers are consumed, meaning they will no longer appear in your CS:GO or Steam Inventories. Scanned containers cannot be traded or sold on the Steam Community Market.

Can I scan a container, see the contents, then trade or sell the container on the Community Market?

No. A scanned container cannot be traded or sold on the Steam Community Market.

I have scanned a container and the item has been revealed. How do I scan another container?

Once a container has been scanned and the item has been revealed, the only way to scan another container is to purchase and claim the previously revealed item.

Can I reset a container’s contents or scan the same container more than once?

No. Containers cannot be scanned more than once. Once scanned, the item inside the container is locked and cannot be changed.

Can I scan multiple containers if they are different types?

No. Only one container of any kind (Weapon Case, Sticker Capsule, Souvenir Package, etc.) can be scanned at a time.

Can I scan Souvenir Packages?

Yes. Souvenir Packages are containers, and like other containers they are consumed when scanned and can only be scanned once. After being scanned, Souvenir Packages cannot be traded or sold on the Community Market and the revealed the item must be claimed before another container can be scanned.

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