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Missing or scrambled text in-game

I cannot see the text or my text is scrambled in the game.

Missing Fonts

This issue can occur when Windows fonts are missing or corrupt. The most common being Tahoma. Tahoma can be redownloaded directly from Microsoft here. This is a link to a file stored on an FTP Server. If your browser doesn't support this, it may be necessary to try another browser.

Corrupt or Missing Files

 Your games files may be corrupted or missing.  Please try verifying your Game Cache Files.


Incorrect resolution

Use game launch options to launch with the command -autoconfig.   Please see the following article for instructions: Setting Game Launch Options.


Missing Text in Counter-Strike

  • Launch the game.
  • Select Options.
  • Select the Video tab.
  • Set the Renderer to OpenGL.


Problem with Steam?

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