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Using Custom Source Subtitles

How do I install custom subtitles for any Source game?

Compiled (.DAT) Files

If you already have a compiled closecaption_<language>.dat file, simply copy the file to the following location:

NOTE: The \Steam\ folder is located in C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ by default.

  • \Steam\steamapps\[Steam account name]\[game name]\[modname]\resource\

For example, for Half-Life 2, the path would be:

  • \Steam\steamapps\[Steam account name]\half-life 2\hl2\resource\

Then, start the game and ensure closed captioning is enabled in the Options > Audio menu.

To change to the custom language, open the console and enter the following command:

  • cc_lang <language>

Where <language> is the same as the language in the closed caption file name.

Uncompiled (.TXT) Files

Text files must be compiled before they will work with Source games. If you have a closecaption_<language>.txt file, then you will need to do the following to compile it:

  1. Install the Source SDK from the Tools section of the Steam Library.
  2. Open the Source SDK launcher and ensure you have the correct game selected.
  3. Navigate to the Source SDK \bin\ folder:
    • \Steam\steamapps\[Steam account name]\sourcesdk\bin\
  4. Determine which version of the Source engine the game uses, then open that folder. In most cases this will be \orangebox\
  5. Open the \bin\ subfolder of the engine folder. Inside this folder should be a program named captioncompiler.exe
  6. Take your closecaption_<language>.txt file, then drag it onto the captioncompiler.exe program. A file called closecaption_<language>.dat should appear — this is your compiled caption file.
  7. Follow the instructions under Compiled (.DAT) Files using this file.

Creating Translations

If you would like to translate closed captions into your own language, please see the following Valve Developer Wiki article on this topic:

Closed Captions

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