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Steam Hardware Shipping FAQ

Steam Hardware Shipping FAQ

Have you placed a Steam Hardware order through Steam? Have questions about any part of the shipping process? Click one of topics below for more information.

Where is my package shipped from?


All Steam Hardware orders are shipped from our warehouse in the United States or our warehouse in the European Union. Currently, orders on Steam are only shipped to these regions (within the 48 contiguous US states and within the EU). Users in Canada can order from EB Games or Amazon Canada Online.

  • Our US facility is in Carol Stream, IL.
  • Our EU facility is in Tilburg, NL.

Who delivers my shipment?


US shipments are sent through FedEx.

Shipments within the EU are either sent through DHL or GLS, depending on location and availability.

An email containing carrier and tracking information is sent when the order is ready to be shipped.

How much will shipping cost?


Shipping costs are calculated once the address is put in for your order. The amount depends on the shipping location, which hardware was ordered, and how many total devices were in the order.

If you are ordering more than one Steam Hardware device in your cart purchase, then those items will be shipped together with a reduced bundled shipping cost.

How do I modify/cancel my shipment?


Hardware shipments are processed after a 24-hour window. Changes or cancellations to Steam Hardware orders must be made before this period ends.

To cancel or modify your hardware order within 24 hours of ordering, use the Help Site to locate your purchase, and then follow the on-screen instructions to request a refund or update your information.

If it’s been more than 24 hours since the order was placed, this means that your unit has been allocated for shipment and can no longer be changed or cancelled. Steam Hardware Support is also unable to modify or recall orders after this point.

If you’d like to refund your order after it has shipped, you can either refuse delivery if you are able, or submit a refund request after delivery.

Will my Hardware be shipped together?


All Hardware orders in the same cart purchase are shipped together. However, only one of each individual device and one of each bundle can be added to your cart at a time. This means you can add multiple units and bundles to your cart, as long as each bundle or device is unique.

For example: A cart can have one Steam Controller and one Steam Hardware bundle, but another Steam Controller cannot be added to the cart unless it’s included in a different bundle in the Steam Store.

How do I refund/replace my Hardware?


Instructions on how to return Steam Controllers and Steam Links can be found on the Steam Hardware RMA Guide

If you have purchased stand alone accessories, more information on this process can be found here.

If you’ve already sent your hardware in and would like to know the status of your return, please Contact Steam Hardware Support

What happens when my order can’t be delivered?


When the carrier is unable to deliver an order, it is returned to our shipping facility. All charges, including shipping are automatically refunded back to the original payment method.

Undeliverable orders cannot be re-shipped. When placing a new order through the Steam Store, please note that previous discounts cannot be applied to future purchases. Steam Support is unable to apply discounts from previous sales.

A list of the current sales can be located here.

If a refund is not processed within three weeks of the returned date, please contact Steam Hardware Support

What happens if my order is lost in-transit or stolen?


Please contact Steam Hardware Support to report any lost or stolen device orders.

My package is being held at a ParcelShop


This information applies only to Steam Hardware orders made through the Steam Store in the European Union.

If you have not received your parcel there is a chance that the order could not be delivered and is being stored in a GLS depot (ParcelShop). This happens when the carrier is unable to locate your address or no one was present to sign and accept the delivery.

NOTE: Depending on your region, the carrier may try to deliver your order to a neighbor and will leave a notification card.

What are my options?

Once a shipment is held at a ParcelShop, it cannot be reshipped. Packages will be held at the shop for a limited time. If they are not collected during this time, they will be returned to our warehouse and you will be issued a full refund.

Steam Hardware Support cannot reship or modify any orders that are stored at a ParcelShop, however, you can use the ParcelShop finder to find the ParcelShop closest to you.

If you are unable to collect your order you can contact the carrier’s service team to refuse the shipment, this will expedite the return so that you will not need to wait until the hold expires.

Have another issue?


If you have another issue that’s not mentioned here, please Contact Steam Hardware Support.

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