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Dota 2 Workshop - Chat Emoticons

Emoticons play brief animations within in-game chat.


  • Frame Format: Each animation frame of the emoticon must be 32 pixels by 32 pixels, 24-bit RGB color with 8-bit alpha channel.
  • Source Image Format: The final source image is composed of each of the frames laid out horizontally in order. The width of the source image is then 32 times the number of frames.
  • The format of the resulting image must be PNG (with transparency), and the width of the final source image must not be greater than 1600 (50 frames).
  • Animation Speed: The animation speed (framerate) is 100 milliseconds per frame and is constant across an emoticon.
  • Chat emoticons currently animate for 4 seconds, after which time an emoticon completes the current cycle and returns to the first frame as a static image.


  • If your emoticon features a Dota hero, don't just use Valve's minimap hero art, please create your own.
  • Have more than just a change of background. Actually move the hero's head or change the expression of the face to communicate a reaction or emotion.
  • Make sure that the edges of the images are as clean as possible.
  • Don't force a lot of movement or details into the image if it makes it too busy or hard to read. Keep the animation and design simple and stylized to communicate one idea as clearly as possible.
  • Consider using "pauses" in the action that consist of repeats of the same image or even several blank frames. This allows the viewer to comprehend the image and helps accentuate the action.
  • See the example emoticons below


  • Refer to the Submitting Items page for important general information about testing and submitting items.
  • Emoticons are submitted under the "Images..." category.
  • Fill out the inputs and, if desired, the optional Default Frame, which is the static image that displays for each Emoticon.
  • Click "Next" to test your images.
  • Follow the steps to publish the Chat Emoticons to the Workshop.


  • These examples show the different numbers of frames used for various actions and expressions. Notice that some use "pauses" in the action that consist of repeats of the same frames or several blank frames.








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