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Artifact Card Buyback

Artifact is offering a one-time buyback on the eight cards that were rebalanced with the December 20, 2018 update.

The buyback period will begin on Dec 21st, 2018.

What cards qualify for the buyback?

Cards that qualify were purchased on the Community Market before the announcement on Dec 20th, 2018 (cards from packs do not qualify) and are from the list of eligible cards below. They must be sold back to Artifact before Jan 4th, 2019 4PM PST. Cards purchased from the Community Market after the announcement of the buyback are not eligible for the buyback.

  • Axe - $9.98 buyback price
  • Drow Ranger - $7.18 buyback price
  • Cheating Death - $1.58 buyback price
  • Jasper Daggers - $0.05 buyback price
  • Timbersaw - $0.05 buyback price
  • Bloodseeker - $0.05 buyback price
  • Outworld Devourer - $0.05 buyback price
  • Lion - $0.05 buyback price

How do I know if my cards qualify?

Visit your Steam Inventory. Qualifying cards will be marked with “You can sell this to Artifact” alongside the buyback amount.

How do I sell my cards during the buyback?

From your Steam Inventory, click the “sell” button. Qualifying cards will show a green “Sell to Artifact” button and the amount you'll receive.

If you're selling from within Artifact, the listing creation page will display a green banner reminding you to check if your items qualify for the buyback before you put them on the Market. You'll need to go to your Steam Inventory to verify the individual cards qualify, and sell them from there.

You'll still have the option to list the cards on the Community Market, if you prefer to do so.

How was the buyback amount determined?

The buyback amount is the peak market value of the item from the 24 hour period before the update was released and the buyback was announced.

How long is the buyback period?

The buyback period is from Dec 21st, 2018 to Jan 4th, 2019. To participate, make sure you sell your qualifying cards to Artifact before Jan 4th, 2019 4PM PST.

Will there be future card buybacks?

This is a one-time buyback offer resulting from a change in the design philosophy behind Artifact. Future balance changes will not be accompanied by buyback offers.

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