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  • Each cursor must be 32 pixels by 32 pixels, 24-bit RGB color with 8-bit alpha channel.
  • The format of the resulting image must be bmp (with transparency).
  • It is no longer necessary to provide .ani files for cursors.
  • The hotspots locations for the cursors will be the same as those set for our default cursors.


  • The hues, greyscale values, and line widths of the cursors need to read well in all map locations and lighting situations.
  • The edges of the images should be as clean as possible.
  • Don't force a lot of details into the cursor images if it makes them too busy or hard to read. Keep the design simple and stylized to display as clearly as possible.


  • Refer to the Submitting Items page for important general information about testing and submitting items.
  • Cursor Packs are submitted under the "Images..." category.
  • The preview loadout will show an icon with the default cursors but you will see your cursors when you continue through to the game.
  • When done testing in game, return to the Workshop Tool and follow the steps to publish your Cursor Pack to the Workshop.


Download the Valve Example Cursor Pack


Dota 2 Item Workshop Guidelines Homepage

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