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Steam Community Avatars

  • I can't upload or change my avatar. What do I do?
  • Are there avatar size restrictions?
  • What images can I upload as my avatar?

Trouble uploading avatars

If there is extremely high traffic on the Steam Network or if the network is temporarily off-line, you may not be able to upload or change your Steam Avatar immediately.  Please wait a while before trying again.


Avatar Size Restrictions

  • The maximum file size is 1024kb.
  • The original image may be any resolution as long as the file size is under 1024kb.  Steam Community will automatically resize the image to a square 184, 64, and 32 pixels.

If your file size is too large, you will receive the following error:


The file you tried to upload was too large. Please upload a file smaller than 1024kb.




What images can I upload as my avatar?

You may upload any image as long as it is not offensive, vulgar, or specifically prohibited in the Steam Online Conduct rules.  Your avatar may be removed and you may be banned from the Steam Community if your avatar is inappropriate.


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