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How Can I Get My Film/Video/Tutorial on Steam?

As of January 8th 2019, the requirements for distributing video content on Steam have changed.

Video content should be:

  • Directly related to gaming
  • Accessory content for games sold on Steam
  • Accessory content for software sold on Steam
  • A Steam 360 Video

If your video content falls into one of these categories and you're an existing Steamworks Partner, please submit a ticket and provide a description of the video content you'd like to distribute.

How do I get started adding video content to Steam if I'm not a Steamworks partner?

The first step is to email us at and provide the following information:

  1. A short description of your video content and/or a link to a trailer or preview video.
  2. Please supply a Steam Account name that belongs to someone at your company with the authority to sign contracts and enter banking and tax information.

Where do I learn more about the Steam Video Platform?

For more information about the Steam video platform please read the Steam Video partner documentation

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