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Steam Friends List

Your friends list allows you to manage and access all of your friends on Steam.

The amount of friends that can be added to your list is initially capped at 250. Leveling your Steam profile increases the cap by 5 friends for every level earned. You can also link Steam with your Facebook account for an immediate 50 friend increase.

Adding friends

While every player on Steam can receive friend invites, limited user accounts cannot send friend invites.

There are four ways to add friends - one directly from a profile and the other from your friend management page:

  • Search the community for other players
  • Create and share an invite link with other players
  • Navigate directly to another profile and select 'add friend'

Troubleshooting friend issues

If you're having issues adding another player as a friend, it could be one of the following issues:

Accounts not permitted to add friends

If your account is considered Limited, you wont be able to send invites

Pending invites not accepted

Once an invite is sent, the other player will have a pending invite in their own friends list. You should double check with the other user to make sure that they received it. You should also make sure that you are sending the invite to the correct player.

Someone is blocked

It's always possible that the other user has ignored or blocked your invite. If this is the case, it might appear to you that the system is not working as intended. You'll want to check with the other player to see if this is the case.

Steam Support won't bypass friend blocks, or even disclose if someone else blocked you.

Someone has reached max friends

If either player has reached maximum friend count, no new invites will be received or sent.

Keep in mind that friend count includes not only players on your friends list, but also any outstanding invites that you have sent. Cancelling outstanding sent invites will free up room for more friends.

How to unblock a user

If you've accidentally blocked someone and would like to unblock, you can use either of the following methods:

Unblocking via friends list

  • In the Steam application, click on VIEW FRIENDS LIST in the lower-right corner.
  • The blocked user will be listed at the bottom of your friends list in orange.
  • Right-click on the user and select "unblock."

Unblocking via your profile:

  • From your Steam profile page, select "Friends," and then navigate to the "Blocked Users" tab.
  • Check the user(s) that you would like to unblock and select "Unblock"

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