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Scammed items or gifts are not returned

Steam Support will not return any items or gifts that you feel have been traded unfairly. There are no exceptions to this policy. This policy does not include games received in a trade that are revoked due to payment fraud (please see the Revoked Gifts article for more information).

To ensure that a scammer is appropriately handled, and to prevent them from benefitting from this scam or others in the future, make sure that you report them through the Steam Community Reporting feature.

Additionally, please see the Scam FAQ , the Steam Trading FAQ and the Recommended Trading Practices for more information on scams and trading.

Returning items that were taken while the account was hijacked is handled on a case-by-case basis

Inventory restorations are granted on a case by case basis. In order for Steam Support to restore items, technicians will need to verify, using Steam’s internal data, that the account was hijacked.

Only in-game items for Valve games (CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, Portal) and Steam Community items are eligible for a restoration. For non-Valve game items, please contact that game's Customer Support.

Coupons are not eligible for restoration.

Your account must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for an inventory restoration:

  • The account data must indicate that the account was hijacked
  • The owner of the account has never received an item restoration in the past (item restoration is a one-time gesture per user)
  • The items were removed from the account within 30 days of submitting a Steam Support ticket
  • Trade confirmation was enabled on the account at the time of the hijacking
  • The account has reliable data (trade restoration may be denied if an account appears to have poor data due to proxy/VPN or public computer use, abuse reports, trades with hijacker or scammer accounts, or any other data point that is a concern to Steam Support Technicians).

If your items were traded away or sold on the marketplace by an account hijacker, submit a Steam Support ticket with your report.

Ensure that your report contains screenshots of the trades or Market sales in question, as shown here: Listing Trades for Steam Support. Note that any attempt to mislead Steam Support will cause appropriate restrictions to be applied to your accounts.

For information on how to safeguard your account, please read our Account Security Recommendations and Account Phishing FAQs.

Items removed by family members or friends are not returned

Steam Support will not return any items or gifts that have been traded, sold or otherwise removed while your account was used by a friend or family member. The use and security of the Steam account and the computer you use are your responsibility.

If a game gifted to your account was removed due to a fraudulent purchase, only items traded in the same trade window will be eligible for restoration

If a gift is removed from your account due to fraud, the account where the fraud took place will be suspended. Your account will not be suspended; however, the game you received will be removed.

Items will be restored only if the trade was completed using the Steam Trading Interface. Items exchanged in separate trades are not eligible for restoration.

Please see the Revoked Gifts article for more information.

Steam does not restore items that were lost while using third-party trading sites, including items that were lost due to lottery/jackpot websites.

The Steam Web API () is a service available to all users and does not indicate an affiliation with Steam or Valve.

If you are asked to sign into a website using your Steam account, you will be presented with a message reminding you that the site is not affiliated with Steam or Valve.

You should observe the Recommended Trading Practices when conducting a trade with any third party website, just as you would with any other Steam user. For example, you should never trade for anything that cannot be added into the trade window within Steam. Items that are lost or scammed when trading with a third party website will not be restored upon request.

Some trading sites (e.g. lottery/jackpot sites) require you to perform one-sided trades. When completing a one-sided trade we inform you that you are gifting items to the account you are trading with. Items that are gifted to another account through a third party lottery/jackpot website or service cannot be restored by Steam Support. We recommend avoiding trades of this type and by accepting them, you do so at your own risk. See our Recommended Trading Practices for more information on the types of trades to avoid.

Furthermore, any third party website that participates in jackpots/lotteries will likely conduct trades with a large number of Steam users. If a site is found to have conducted trades involving fraudulent or stolen items, the inventory of their trading accounts may be locked, and their accounts banned from participating in trading.

If you believe a third party website has scammed you, please submit a report from the offending user profile.


For more information on Steam Trades and the Community Market, please use the following resources:

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