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CrimeCraft: GangWars

Where can I find support information for CrimeCraft?


Please review the Third-Party Game Support topic to determine whether your question should be directed to the game developer or to Steam Support. Sending a support request to the wrong party may result in a delay in processing your request.


Retail CD-Keys for this game cannot be registered through Steam. If you wish to create a shortcut to this game under your Library, instructions can be found here:

Adding non-Steam games to your Library


CrimeCraft requires a separate account from your Steam account

If you have skipped the account creation process during installation, please complete this process:

  • Right click this game from the "My Games" tab in Steam
  • First, select "View Game CD Key" to obtain your activation code.
  • Choose "Copy key to clipboard" as the CD Key will extend past your Steam window.
  • Select "Manage game account..." to be taken to the CrimeCraft website
  • Complete the steps on this site to create a new CrimeCraft account or login to an existing account.  Make sure to paste your CD Key into the "Enter a Game Code" field.


CrimeCraft Community Forums

Community Forums


Steam Forums for CrimeCraft

Steam Forums


Contact CrimeCraft Support

Technical Support

Please use the Customer Service link on the right side of the page when contacting the CrimeCraft team

Problem with this game?

Contact Support

Problem with Steam?

Contact Steam Support
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