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Valve Store Items FAQ

I have recently purchased a Valve Store item and it may be defective. What should I do?

Q. Is my plush Vortigaunt defective?

A. We have received several inquiries about defects in the plush Vortigaunt toys - please note that plush Vortigaunts' heads pivot (if the head appears to be affixed incorrectly it may be turned to the correct position).


Q. The sound module on my Tank or Hunter plush does not work. What can I do?

  1. Verify that the batteries are working and still have a charge.
  2. Ensure that the batteries are placed in the proper orientation in the sound module.
  3. Verify that the sound module switch is in the “ON” position (not “OFF”).
  4. The sound module activation button is located in the Tank plush’s left arm at the tip of the Tank plush’s finger. The sound module is activated by depressing the sound module button. The button will depress slightly when activated. Please verify that the button has been identified and depressed.



Q. Is the iPhone 3G GelaSkin compatible with the iPod Touch?

A. No. As the two products are different sizes, the iPhone GelaSkin is not compatible with the iPod Touch.


Q. I have an issue with a Neosis product. what do I do?

A. Please see the Neosis article.


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