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Router and Router Firmware Issues

Example Error messages:
  • Bad Parse in Client Command
  • Bad Command Character in Client Mod
  • Bad Command Character in Client Command
  • Buffer overflow in net message
  • Disconnect : Client delta ticks out of order
  • Fragment transmission aborted at 1/1
  • Host error: Bad server message
  • Host error: Cl_Entitynum: #### is an invalid number, Cl_max edicts is ####
  • Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad
  • Host_Error: CL_Parse_Version: Server is protocol -######### instead of 47
  • Host_Error: DispatchUserMsg: User Msg CZCareer/130 sent too much data (195 bytes), 192 bytes max
  • Netchannel: Failed processing message svc_UpdateStringTable
  • No Steam Logon
  • Received fragment out of order
  • svc_bad Wrote erroneous message to buffer.dat Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on Client ###
Other Symptoms

I get booted after 30 seconds whenever I connect to a server

Known Causes

  • Most common: Bad or outdated router firmware (client-side)
  • Less common: Bad or outdated router firmware (server-side)

If your connection to most servers fails with one of the error messages listed above (or you experience the other symptoms), this is a firmware issue with your router.

If your connection to one server fails, it is likely a problem with the network the server you are trying to connect to is operating on.



If you have a stand-alone router, bypass your router and plug directly into your modem to see if the connection continues to fail.

Please visit your router manufacturer's website for Firmware updates. If you have questions about installing or updating your Firmware, please contact the router manufacturer for assistance.

ActionTec DSL Modems which encounter this problem will need to be replaced, as no firmware update is available.

Recommended steps:

  1. Disable QoS and uPnP. You need to go into the router and disable UPnP and QoS if it's there, and you should only have TCP/IP checked in the network properties for your Internet connection.
  2. Disable Wireless Zero Service (included in Windows XP). You can access these settings in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.


Routers with Known Issues

Actiontec DSL Modems
  • Internal PCI Home DSL Modem (Model # PCI0839-01 )
  • External USB Home DSL Modem (Model # UD800TP)
  • USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem (Model # ED800T)
  • USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem (With Routing Capabilities) (Model # R4500U)
Actiontec ADSL Gateways
  • Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1520SU)
  • Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1524SU)
  • Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1520SU)
Actiontec Broadband Routers: Cable/DSL Routers
  • 54 Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # GT704-WR)
  • Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3010SUW)
  • Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3010UW)
  • Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R1020S(U))
  • Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R1020S)
  • Dual Mode Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3020QU)
  • Creative Labs BroadXent 8120 modem ( 17 November 2003)
  • D-Link WBR-1310 Wireless G Router
  • Netgear CG814WG


Routers with Known Firmware Issues

Linksys BEFSR11 and BEFSR41 V2, Linksys BEFSR81 ver.3
  • Please visit Linksys for the latest firmware update available.


Problem with Steam?

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