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TCPView and Slow Download Issues

I am using TCPView to troubleshoot my slow downloads from Steam. What's the best way to contact Steam and fix my slow downloads indefinitely?

Some users have tried temporary workarounds with TCPView or other software to disconnect from slow download servers in hopes of finding a faster server connection.

If you are a user who is experiencing slow downloads on a regular basis, please contact Steam Support with this link and specify your Category as Steam Questions > Servers are busy.


The above link should open into your Support account "Ask a Question" feature. If you come to the login screen instead, please sign on and specify "Slow Download Feedback" as the Subject for the question.

With a brief description of your issue and geographical location, please include a listing of your Active Connections using this process:

  1. Run your download from Steam until you experience the slow connection.
  2. Bring up your Run command line in Windows (Start>Run or the Windows Key + R).
  3. Type "cmd" and click OK. 
  4. In the new window type "netstat -na" to bring up your active connections. 
  5. Copy all TCP and UDP connections and include them as a .txt file or in the text of your submission to Steam Support.
  6. Additionally, go to C:\Program Files\Steam\, locate the Steam.log and submit this file along with the netstat report. (This file should appear to be a Text Document)


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