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Precondition Assertion Failed

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PreCondition Assertion Failed

Name:<varies - see below for specific messages>

Program:C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe


(Press Retry to debug the Application - JIT debugging must be enabled)

Name: ValidPositiveOffset


PreCondition Assertion Failed

Name: ValidPositiveOffset
Program: C:\Steam\steam.exe
File: Src\SplitPath.cpp
Line: 310

( !(nCharsToMove >= 0) || (m_uLocalPathOffset+static_cast(nCharsToMove) <= m_sPath.length()) )
(Press Retry to debug the Application - JIT debugging must be enabled)

This issue is caused by the Unerase Wizard component of Norton Systemworks 2006 (prior versions will not generate this error).

If you would like to disable the Unerase Wizard component, please follow the steps below:

  1. Exit Steam
  2. Go to the Start button
  3. Select the Control Panel option
  4. Open Norton SystemWorks 2006
  5. Select Remove then Modify
  6. Select Customize Norton Utilities
  7. Uncheck the box for Unerase Wizard
  8. Click the OK button, then click Next to uninstall the component
  9. Reboot your machine and restart Steam

Name: EntryIndexInBounds


PreCondition Assertion Failed

Name: EntryIndexInBounds
Program: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe
File: Src\ChcheFileFixedDirectory.cpp
Line: 755

uEntry < m_uMaxEntries
(Press Retry to debug the Application - JIT debugging must be enabled)

This specific error message indicates a damaged file in your /SteamApps/ folder.

To correct this issue, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Exit from Steam if it's running
  2. Rename the SteamApps folder to ~SteamApps
  3. Run Steam and let it update the platform files
  4. If that all works, then exit from Steam again, and move back just the game cache files one at a time
  5. Don't replace anything that is already in the SteamApps folder
  6. If the error comes back then the last GCF file you moved is the problem, exit Steam and delete that file
  7. Finally, move your account directory and the rest of your game folders back
  8. Once you have confirmed that the issue has been resolved, you may delete the /~SteamApps/ folder


Name: InRecvMsgData state


PreCondition Assertion Failed

Name: InRecvMsgData state
Program: C:\program files\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe
File: Src\CSClientConnection.cpp
Line: 1769

m_CurRecvState == eRecvMsgData
(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT debugging must be enabled)

If you receive this error there is a very good chance you have a program like BitDefender running which has hooked your internet connection.

You won't be able to disable this program. You will need to uninstall it completely and reboot in order to fix this problem.


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