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Lost Planet series

Where can I find support information for the Lost Planet series?


Please review the Third-Party Game Support topic to determine whether your question should be directed to the game developer or to Steam Support. Sending a support request to the wrong party may result in a delay in processing your request.


Capcom Support

Capcom Support


Lost Planet 1 Tech Forums

Technical Forums


Lost Planet 1 Retail - Missing CD Key, CD Key digits or "Invalid CD Key" message


Lost Planet 1 - Protect your saved game data 


Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions may lose your saved game data under the following circumstances:

  • If you apply the latest patch and do not load the save data after starting the game.

  • If you change PC settings from the title menu and save your changes.

To prevent inadvertently deleting your saved game data, please refrain from the actions listed above.


You may backup your saved game data by performing the following actions:

  1. Navigate to:..\Documents and Settings\<Windows Login>\Local Settings\Application Data\capcom\lostplanet.

  2. Copy the Lostplanet.LostplanetSave-capcom and config.ini.

  3. Paste the files into a safe location where they will not be accidentally overwritten.

If your saved game data is lost, you may restore to your backup copy by copying those files back into your ..\Documents and Settings\<Windows Login>\Local Settings\Application Data\capcom\lostplanet directory.


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