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Steam Link Network Settings

Steam Link Network Settings

The Steam Link is compatible with most home networks. A wired network is strongly recommended; however, any router that supports the 802.11ac or 802.11n wireless protocols should work.

In order to optimize your Steam Link’s performance, please ensure that your network settings match the settings outlined below.

For specific information on how to accomplish these tasks with your hardware, please see your modem/router’s documentation

Network Band

The Steam Link is optimized to function while using the 5 GHz network band. If streaming over a wireless network, using this band will limit any potential interference and allow your Steam Link to function at full capacity. Please ensure that your router is broadcasting at 5 Ghz if possible.

Client Isolation

In order to use the Steam Link, please ensure that AP/Client isolation is disabled on your router. If you are unable to access this setting, or are connecting via a guest, hotel, university or public network that has enabled AP/Client isolation, you will be unable to properly set up your Steam Link.

Network Ports

Streaming uses UDP ports 27031 and 27036 and TCP ports 27036 and 27037. Please make sure Steam can listen on these ports in your firewall software.

Device Priority

Adjusting your router’s bandwidth priority can improve the quality of your Steam Streaming experience. Most routers include this this feature as Quality of Service or Bandwidth Priority settings that may be accessed from the router’s admin panel. Ensure that your Steam Link is prioritized.

Streaming network priority can also be set within Steam. To enable network prioritization through Steam, access the Settings section from the Steam drop down menu in the upper left corner of the Steam Client. From here, click In-Home Streaming and Advanced Host Options. Check the Prioritize network traffic option.


The Steam Link is enabled to work with WPS security; however, if you encounter any issues connecting to a WPS access point, please disable WPS and use an alternative method of connecting to troubleshoot the issue.

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