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Debug Assertion Failed Program: steam.exe

I get this error: 'Debug Assertion Failed Program: steam.exe' when I try to start Steam

This error message (or a similar error message) will appear in a Windows dialog:

Debug Assertion Failed Program: D:\Progra~1\steam\steam.exe
File:\p4clients\rel_beta\projects\common\misc\win32registry.cpp Line: 447 bCloseRet == 0L
(Press Retry to debug the application- JIT debugging must be enabled)


If you are getting this error and you have X-Fire installed, please uninstall X-Fire from the Add/Remove in your Control Panel. You must reboot after uninstalling to remove the processes that X-Fire installs.


Compatibility Mode Problem

Windows Compatibility Mode may cause this error - please disable Compatibility Mode for Steam.exe:

  1. Exit Steam
  2. Right-click your Steam shortcut and select Properties
  3. Select the Compatibility tab
  4. Uncheck Run this program in compatibility mode and click OK
  5. Restart Steam


Problem with Steam?

Contact Steam Support