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Issues and Fixes

  • • Launcher takes forever to load/connect; often ending in Error code 8.
    • ◦ Leave the launcher open in the black and white state for a few minutes until it loads. It shouldn't happen after launching the game once.
  • • Error when trying to download the client: "An error occurred while installing MicroVolts (No Subscription)"
    • ◦ Please restart Steam.
  • • Client doesn't load past "Game Database Loading..."
    • ◦ End the process using Task Manager then attempt to launch the game again.
  • • "Steam Auth Failed[ErrorCode - 1]" when starting the launcher.
    • Random crashes
    • ◦ Please contact MicroVolts support. Include your logs from the MicroVolts directory in \Steam\steamapps\common\ if possible.
  • • "HttpSendRequest Failed - GET /update/ENG/microvolts/Patcher/patchLauncher.ini"
    • "HttpSendRequest Failed - GET /update/ENG/microvolts/patch.ini"
    • ◦ Try disabling firewalls or anything else that may hinder MicroVolts from connecting to the patch server.

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