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Game failed to start (Error Code 83)

When launching a game, the game fails to launch with error code 83. How do I resolve this issue?


Ensure that you complete all applicable steps in this article and any linked article in the order in which they are presented. If a step does not apply to your computer or game, proceed to the next step that applies and continue troubleshooting the issue.

Verifying your game files and running the title's secondary installers

Follow the instructions in our verifying game cache files (GCF) article:

Verifying Game Cache Files (GCF)

Restart your computer and attempt to launch the game again.


When launching your game for the first time or after verifying your game cache, do not cancel or close Steam's first time setup window. Ensure that all installers that are launched by this process are completed successfully, even if you have completed an installation of that component in the past.

If you need to manually install the game's secondary installers (such as DirectX, .NET, PhysX, etc.), you can find more information about the installers for a specific game by searching for the game by title in the "Search Steam Support" field in the upper right corner of any Steam Support page.


Troubleshooting network connectivity

Follow the instructions in our network connectivity article linked below. Pay special attention to the sections regarding your router and firewalls.

Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

Restart your computer and test the issue again.


Programs that interfere with Steam

If the issue persists, check for any applications on your computer thay may interfere with Steam:

Programs that interfere with Steam


If the issue persists, try removing any applications that can interfere with Steam rather than just disabling them. Ensure that you remove any IP proxy or VPN software, firewalls, web security software, or antivirus applications even if they are not listed in the above article.

After removing all applications that can interfere with Steam, restart your computer and test the issue again.


Troubleshooting the issue further

If the methods listed above have not resolved the issue, the next steps can be used to narrow the source of the problem down.

  • Try installing and launching the game from another computer on your current internet connection. If this is successful, your computer's firewall or security software is likely still blocking Steam.
  • Try bringing your computer to a different location with a different internet connection. If this is successful, it's likely that your router's firewall or configuration is preventing certain essential Steam processes from connecting to the Steam servers.


While there's little chance that outdated drivers could cause error code 83, it's always a best practice to keep your hardware drivers fully updated: 


Submitting a Steam Support ticket for error 83

If the issue is not resolved after completing all steps that are listed above, submit a ticket to Steam Support. Describe any changes that occurred (such as a different error message, longer loading time, etc.) after any specific step in detail. The more information that you are able to provide, the faster we will be able to narrow the cause down.

Attach an MSINFO report (PC) or System Profiler report (Mac) when submitting a ticket for a quicker resolution. You may also wish to attach screenshots of the error to provide context for Steam Support to work with.

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