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How do I trade?

In order to initiate a trade you need to be logged into the Steam Community and connected to Steam Friends.

1. Open your Friends list, located in the lower right hand corner of the Steam client

2. Click on the small arrow next to the friend you wish to invite to Trade and click on Invite to Trade

Alternatively, if you are chatting with your friend you can start a trade from the chat window by clicking on the large arrow and selecting Invite to Trade:

3. Once accepted the trade window will appear where you can view your items, games, and coupons available to trade.

4. Select the appropriate backpack you wish to view from the dropdown menu on the left

5. Click and drag the item, game, or coupon you wish to trade from your backpack to your trade window. If you wish to remove an item, game, or coupon simply drag it back to your backpack from the trade window.

6. Click on Ready to Trade and wait for the other party to click on Ready to Trade.

7. Verify the contents of the trade are correct by hovering your mouse over each item and reading the item details.

8. Click on Make Trade - Once you click this button the trade cannot be undone!

9. The trade will finish processing and you will receive a confirmation window with what items, games, or coupons you received in the trade


What do you mean by trading Steam Gifts?

Any game you’ve purchased from the store as a gift, or received as an Extra Copy, can be traded to other users. They can be used to trade for other Gifts, or for items in games supporting Steam Trading. We’ve added a new checkout option to the Store when purchasing a gift so you can save it for trading or sending later, to support users who want to save games for trade fodder.


What restrictions are there on trading Steam Gifts?

Trading a Steam Gift is very similar to sending a gift to someone; just that once it is traded that user can then either trade it again, or open it for themselves. There are no restrictions on territory.


Why aren’t some of my gifts tradable?

Only gifts that are purchased on trusted accounts can be traded immediately; otherwise there is a 30-day cool down before the gift can be traded. Any account that has made any valid purchase from the Steam Store more than 30 days ago is considered trusted. This is to ensure that all games traded are valuable, and help prevent fraudulent purchases for the purpose of trades. If you do not make a purchase on your Steam account after being labeled as trusted within a year your status will be reset and you will need to wait an additional 30-days before being trusted again.


Does Steam Trading mean I can sell my used games?

No, only games that have been bought as a gift, and thus have never been played, can be traded. Once the Steam Gift is opened and added to your game library, you won’t be able to trade it again.


How do I see my Inventory on the Steam Community?

From your username drop down in the top Steam menu, select Inventory. You can also find a link from your profile.


Who can see my items?

Your Inventory privacy settings can be found in your Inventory, they are similar to the Profile privacy settings – public, friends only, friends of friends, or private.


Who can I trade with?

You can initiate a trade with anyone in a Group Chat or on your Friends List.


How is this different from trading in Team Fortress 2?

We’ve improved the display of changing which items are in the trade, and significantly increased the number of items that can be traded in one session. We hope these improvements will help with confusion or users trying to deceive others in the trade.


I have ideas for other things in Steam that can be traded. How do I give that feedback?

You can post feedback or suggestions in our Suggestions/Ideas forum as it is regularly read by our developers.


I think I just lost items in a trade! What do I do?

Please view our Steam Trading Policy for more information.


How do I add a game to my library after receiving it in a trade?

Go to the game in your Steam Inventory and click “Unpack gift…” to add it to your library.


What if a game I received in a trade is fraudulently purchased?

Please view our Steam Trading Policy for more information.


How do I purchase a game and place it in my inventory?

Purchase the game you want as a gift. Select the option "Store the gift in my inventory to send later". Once the purchase is complete you will be able to view the game in your inventory by clicking on the Community tab and then click on 'View Inventory' under the right hand column titled 'Actions'. Select the Steam tab and this will open the games/gifts that are currently in your Steam inventory.


How do you handle scams?

Please view our Steam Trading Policy for more information.


What does probation do to your account in Steam Trading?

Upon receiving a trade ban your account gets placed into probation as well. Probationary status allows other users to determine if a user has committed scams in the past so they can make better decisions about whether or not they want to trade with previous scammers. Probationary status does not prevent users from trading.


I can't trade! Why not?

There are different reasons why you may be unable to trade or use the Market. Please see the following Trading and Market Restrictions article for more information.

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