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The community is also a great place to check out. Check the Steam Discussion page for Dota 2 for help from other users:

How to Play

Visit the Dota 2 launch page to sign up for Dota 2.


In some regions, Dota 2 may not be currently accepting new players. As we upgrade hardware or finish our local release plans, we will start accepting new players in these areas.


Reporting a bug, crash, or other issue

Before submitting a report regaring a technical issue, ensure that you troubleshoot the issue fully using information from this and the following linked articles.

To report an issue that you are encountering within Dota 2, please create or join an existing thread regarding that issue on the Dota 2 Development Forums.


Low Priority and Communication Bans


Steam Support cannot remove users from low priority or otherwise alter their in-game standing.

For more information regarding Dota 2's Low Priority matchmaking or Communication/Voice bans, see our Dota 2 Low Priority Matchmaking or Communication Bans article.


Item Drops and Trading

See the Steam Trading, Steam Trading Policy, and Steam Community Market articles for more information about these features.


Any Steam Support tickets that are created to ask for free items will be ignored. Steam Support will not add items to any account.

Dota 2 utilizes Battle Points to award item drops. At the end of every match you will be awarded Battle Points regardless if you win or lose.

Once you receive enough Battle Points to advance a level you will receive a random item drop. In addition to this, at the end of any public match you complete there is a small chance you will be awarded an item drop.

Steam Support is unable to adjust Battle Points, your level, or grant item drops upon request. This system is completely automated and Steam Support cannot modify it regardless of the circumstances under which an error may have occurred.


If you are in the low priority queue you will not receive Battle Points or item drops.


Crashes and Performance Issues

Please read the Common Dota 2 Technical Issues and Solutions guide provided by the Dota 2 developers.

If you are unable to resolve this issue, try the Dota 2 Has Performance Issues, is Crashing, or Failing to Launch article.


The Dota 2 Test Steam Library Entry

The Dota 2 Test is a version of Dota 2 where new/upcoming changes to the game can be tested before the update is made public.

There is no way to remove the Dota 2 Test version from your account without also removing Dota 2 itself. All copies of Dota 2 also contain the test version.

While the Dota 2 Test version is uninstalled, you can hide it by clicking "Show" in the upper left-hand corner of your Steam Library page and selecting the "Installed" option.


Dota 2 Replays

You can access Dota 2's reply system from the Watch tab within the game.

Regular replays are available for 30 days. After 30 days you will no longer be able to download a standard game replay.

Steam Support cannot modify or restore a lost, non-tournament replay.


Tournament/league replays are available indefinitely in Dota 2. Tournament/league replays are only viewable if you have the applicable tournament ticket purchased and redeemed from the Dota 2 store.

If you are ever experiencing an issue viewing a tournament replay, report the issue in the Dota 2 Development Forums.

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