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Revoked Gifts

Where is my gift, and why was it removed?

When a gift is refunded due to fraud or a payment dispute, the gift is removed from Steam. The account which redeemed the gift receives a notification that the game is no longer available to play in his or her Steam library.

What happens to my account when a gift is revoked?

Your account will not be restricted; however, the gift you received will be removed. If you would like to play the game again in the future, you will need to purchase it from the Steam Store or redeem another gift copy of the title.

I traded items for my gift. Can I have these items restored?

If you performed a trade to receive this game, Steam Support will restore any items that were exchanged in the same trade window as the removed gift. If your trade fits this circumstance, please contact Steam Support.

Items or gifts exchanged in separate trades are not eligible for restoration.

If you traded away the gift and it was later revoked from another account, Steam Support will be unable to restore the gift or any items associated with that trade.

I bought this game from a third party. Will I get a refund?

If you or someone you know purchased this gift subscription through a third party website, we suggest contacting the seller to request a refund. We do not support the sale of Steam gifts outside of Steam.

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