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Removing and Reinstalling Video Drivers

Issues, such as missing or corrupt textures, can occur if your video drivers are incorrectly installed or have become corrupt.


The follow instructions explain how to completely remove all existing driver files and are recommended for advanced computer users only.

These instructions recommend using a third party application called Driver Fusion. This application was not developed by Valve and we provide no support or guarantee regarding its use.

Please proceed at your own risk.

  1. Remove your drivers

    Click Start, then Run (or Windows Key + R) and type in the following command:


    Locate and uninstall your video drivers (They should be listed under Nvidia or ATI alphabetically)

  2. Download and install the free driver removal utility Driver Fusion
  3. Restart your computer in Safe Mode.

    Tap the F8 key while your computer is booting up. A list should appear with Safe Mode as an option.

  4. Launch Driver Fusion from the Start menu 

    There will be checkboxes for "ATI - Display" and "NVIDIA - Display". Check both of these and click "Clean"

    If you receive errors, please note exactly what they are.

    It is recommended to repeat the cleaning process a few times to make sure all files are properly removed.

  5. Restart your computer in normal mode (This should happen automatically)

    You may notice some graphical irregularities (Items being larger than usual, and etc). This is normal.

    Run Driver Fusion one more time from normal mode to ensure that all driver files are removed.

  6. Download and install the latest video drivers for your video card.

    Nvidia Desktop Drivers

    ATI Desktop Drivers

    Notebook drivers should be obtained from your notebook manufacturer

  7. Restart your computer and then test your game.



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