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Steam crashes during update

When launching Steam, it crashes while updating. How can I resolve this?

Check for Windows Updates

Please run Windows update and ensure that your OS is completely up to date. Also check for any hot fixes available.


Network Troubleshooting

If the issue persists, please check your network settings with this troubleshooting guide: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity


Check for Interfering Programs

Some commonly used applications interfere with the normal operation of Steam. Please check for Programs Which Interfere with Steam.


Check the Status of Steam's Files

If the issue persists, you may have issues with your local Steam files. You may refresh these files without deleting your game files. Please follow this process to refresh your Steam files:

  • Exit Steam.

  • Navigate to your Steam installation directory. (c:\program files\steam\ by default.)

  • Delete everything in that directory EXCEPT the following:

    • steam.exe

    • steamapps directory (All of Steam's game files are kept here.)

  • Restart Steam to test the issue.


Problem with Steam?

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